Vogue Knitting Magazine Early Fall Issue

How many people have seen the cover of the Early Fall Issue of Vogue Knitting? I saw and when I went to buy it , it was sold out. Well I found a place on line that one copy of it for sale. I ordered it and got it today! I love that lace poncho on the cover It looks to be an easy knit once I master the stitch pattern in the center panel. Can’t practice any complicated stitch patterns when grandson is home because I can not concentrate when he is being a jerk all the time.

I’ve never been interested in Vogue so haven’t seen it. How old is your grandson?

That should be very pretty and fun to knit. I look forward to seeing your finished version.

He is 12, he is just like his dad. My daughter divorced him before the grandson was 2 for cheating on her.

Yikes, must be something someone can do. Hope his mother does something soon.

I subscribe to Vogue knitting and I agree, that poncho is just beautiful.
I will warn you however, if you’ve never knit anything from vogue be prepared. Some say it’s best to wait a few months after it’s issued then check the corrections page of the website! I knit the most beaustiful cabled tunic that may have given me my first grey hair and taken a few years off my life due to stress.
I’ve never seen patterns so poorly written, with so many errors. Including way UNDERestimating the amount of yarn needed to complete.
That being said, when my subscription runs out…i’m totally re-newing it.
As for your Grandson, maybe he just needs a little love. Divorce can be hard on little ones.

I subscribe to Vogue Knitting on my IPad through the Kindle app. I get automatic update (correction) notices through the app so i don’t have to look them up before knitting. This edition has already been update with corrections so I agree that checking for ettra is wise.

If the patterns are that poorly written, then I don’t want a subscription to this magazine! I had thought about it, but no thanks!

To be fair about this, no magazine, book or website contains only patterns that are free from error (would that they did). Rather than ignore errors, VK does publish and maintain a list of corrections. The patterns are interesting, covering a range from intermediate to more experienced with some beginner patterns and the articles and features, informative. It’s not to everyone’s taste but it’s well worth looking at.

So very true Salmonmac.There are errors in most magazines writers are only human. Corrections are given for free. I check every pattern before ettra before I begin knitting.

From what I hear in other forums Vogue Magazine is the worst for errors. I agree that some can happen but it should not occur continuously. Someone should be test knitting and then rechecking before it goes to print.

I agree. Errors are normal but to this degree just feels neglectful. However, someone commented on the interesting patterns in vogue knitting and i must agree. The patterns are beautiful and hey, learning how to correct error is half the fun sometimes.