Vogue Knitting Frost Flowers cardigan or snow-angel capelet?

I just got the holiday issue of Vogue Knitting… wow. Two patterns I want to try-- Snow Angel Capelet (p69) and Frost Flowers Cardigan (p71). Preview pics are on their website at http://www.vogueknitting.com/magazine-preview.shtml (last row, second and third pictures).

Anyone want to give these a shot??

Laura :angelgrin:

Wow they are beautiful. I wish I had more confidence and skill to be able to make something like that… one day!


You already got it?! In the mail or at the book store?

i would like to join u …i will go get the magazine in the store first… hmmm i will be going holiday on nov -dec …would it be ok ???

I want to make… gee, at least five things from this issue. I like the first and third pieces on the last row, as well as the felted bag and cable jacket right above them. I’m not sure that I’m a good enough knitter yet to pull them off, but they are pretty.

I picked mine up last weekend at Borders Books (Kansas City area).

oh my god… joann by me got it and i got the 40% coupon !!!

got to go and pick it up now :out:

Now see, I have play little games with myself. If I buy the issue now, it will seem like YEARS until the winter issue comes out. But if I don’t buy it, I might explode. I have so many things I have to do for christmas gifts. Must…resist…casting…on!

I just got back… i got the magazine !!! after 40% discount …it cost only $3 something cents… carmen, u can save it for later …so that no regrets on buying the mag…

I got it at walmart last night :slight_smile:

my walmart did not carry vogue mag…yours does that is so cool :cheering:

oh, lay me down.

i’m in LOVE with the tie-front cardigan (pg 71, #6). so, count me in on that one.

I could probably use help on that one, and it’s the one I really want to do-- so let’s figure it out :slight_smile: I just want to finish the project I’m on (I only need a couple more days) and then I gotta wait till payday in a week to buy some yarn.

Do you think it would look good in a darker color, perhaps a green or a blue? I just don’t wear white well…

BTW- if you feel like chatting over IM-- I’m up as Eloewien. Just in case :slight_smile:

i hear you… i have one project to finish, which will probably take me through the weekend. and same here on waiting for payday.

that said, i’m thinking color as well: periwinkle or rose for me. i’d normally go for a dark color, but i’m really trying to lighten up the wardrobe, you know? (i’ve been on a dark kick for, oh, about 15 years.)

and on AIM, i’m mrsdesertrain. :slight_smile:


periwinkle or lilac would be nice color

I love that tie front top - does anyone know how to get this magazine here in the UK?

I’ve tried goggling but it doesn’t seem to be on sale here - even though they’ve got a UK distributors address. :pout:

Ummm… where there’s a will there’s a way- I could always pick up a copy for you :slight_smile: You’ll just have to wait a week until my payday.


That is a very kind offer - thank you.

Actually though I already have something being delivered from Knit Picks to another KHer and so she can probably pop a copy in for me before she posts it on to the UK.

I don’t understand why so many US websites won’t ship to the UK - it really is no more hassel than shipping internally and if the UK customers are happy to pick up the shipping cost then I don’t see the problem. I think Knit Picks worry about their customer service aspect being not up to scratch for international deliveries tho - so I can understand that I suppose.

So - watch this space! I may be able to join in after all. :happydance:

I totally agree! When I was ebaying a lot of stuff I shipped to the UK. It wasn’t a big deal and it wasn’t all THAT much more expensive depending on how soon they wanted it.

I’m totally gonna knit the capelet…I just have to wait till payday ( :heart: ) on Friday so I could get the yarn. I haven’t decided on a color 100% yet, but I’m thinking either a light cream/off-white like the one in the pattern, or a not-too-in-your-face dark color (deep navy, maybe). I’m gonna head to Michaels to see if there’s a cheap yarn I like that’d work for this project, and if I don’t see any I like, I’ll go to the LYS and check out the more expensive and swanky options. Sometimes they have some SWEET stuff in their sale basket.

I’m hoping they might be nice and have a sale on Fri… we’ll see :slight_smile: