Vogue Knitting Cover Scarf

This is my attempt at the Vogue Knitting magazine scarf on the cover …

I used Sublime aran yarn which is Cashmere/Extra Fine Merino/Silk. The colours are Vanilla and Mulberry.

gorgeous!!! :cheering: i love your color choices. was it difficult?

not difficult - just boring!!! it is basically 6 x 90 inch i-cords … :sleepy:

Absolutely fabulous! :cheering: Sounds like it feels fabulous against the skin, too.

Awesome, especially using two colors! :happydance:

That is really neat! It has all sorts of color potential too, one to match each outfit!

Wonderful, Amanda!!! :cheering: :cheering: I can’t wait to make one of those!

Wow, that’s beautiful! :heart: Looks warm and cozy too.


It is gorgeous, Amanda!! I love it! :heart:

That’s very cool!

OMG! I bought that issue just because of teh cover scarf! I am going to frame the picture and it is going to be my “i can die now because I made this” project :roflhard:
I am SOOOO in love with that scarf and :cheering: good job on the colour choices!
But since I am soooo in love with the pattern, I am saving up $ to buy the red red alpaca that they used… donations anyone?? :roflhard:


:inlove: that is a really great scraf