Vogue Knitting book

I am elated :muah:

I have been desperately wanted a copy of Vogue Knitting, but with Christmas coming, I didn’t want to splurge (plus, I’m considering trying to treat myself to a birthday/Christmas gift of Options needles).

Anyway…I found an older version, hard cover of Vogue Knitting on amazon. I paid $6.95 + shipping. The total came to just over $10. :happydance:

I just thought I’d share this, in case someone else is considering buying this book.

That’s what I did too. Believe it or not (just looked it up), I only paid $5.81 total, for a pristine copy. I mentioned my find in a previous KH post, but that was probably back in July or so. I think it merits repeating because it really is a great reference, and from what I’ve been able to gather, there are very few, if any differences in the two editions besides the cover (even the page numbering is the same). I’ve purchased other “used” (but excellent condition) copies of several other knitting books from amazon, half.com and ebay too. :wink: It’s not always cheaper, but it certainly pays to check out all the options before buying.

Oh, here’s another tip… one of the other reasons I often end up with older copies is because I prefer hard cover to soft cover. (It sometimes costs more, but it’s worth it, IMO.) I use archival book jacket covers (the kind libraries use) to protect them and keep them looking good. I got mine from ebay, but I’m sure you can buy them elsewhere. The brand I got was brodart.

I’ve been wanting this book for months. I’m pretty confident that DH got it for me for xmas.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

I completely agree. I love books, rejoice when I can find a nice hardcover version. Thank you for the brodart recommendation.

i’d rather be knitting: I hope you get your book :slight_smile: