Vogue Knitting Advertizement

I am away from my home this weekend and am trying to remember the name of the company that has an ad in the Vogue Knitting Magazine with purse made of a variety of yarns with nice leather straps and fixtures. If I remember correctly the ad is near the front of the magazine on the left hand side.

Can someone look in their copy and send me the web address?

Thanks so much.

Okay, well, I found the link…www.meunchyarns.com but it doesn’t seem to be working well as it will not show me the pattern for the beautiful handles. :frowning:

Try http://www.muenchyarns.com/Pages/GraysonE.html - if you still can’t see them, look at http://www.yarniverse.com/browse.cfm/4,1470.htm or http://www.jimmybeanswool.com/secure-html/onlinegen/currgen/GraysonE/LeatherHandlesSmallRolled.asp - one of those should work.


Ooooh loved the purse in the 2nd link:


Yep, that purse is great, but I want the pattern for the one on the home page of meunch. I can see all the leather handles, I just can’t access the patterns.

Sorry, thought you were looking for the handles themselves.

Their pattern page links aren’t working, and if you try to go direct it’s just blank. You might try an email to the webmaster.


Oh I see the home page now. You mean this purse?:

I searched all over the site for the pattern and couldn’t find it either. Sorry.

Yep that’s the one!.. I saw all the other patterns on the Jimmy Beans and Yarnuniverse pages, but not this bag.

Wow - I love both those purses. I just called the store since I could not find the pattern or the yarn either. I spoke to the owner - she was as nice as can be. She is going to call me later with the information on what is needed. Thanks for the links.