Vogue Holiday Knitting - Cover Scarf

Now I’m torn. Colors colors colors. Now I thinking maybe I should do multiple browns.

Multiple browns would be super cool. Kinda like a layered chocolate cake… a little milk chocolate, a little dark chocolate… YUM! :teehee:

I was just going to ask if anyone had thought of doing it in more than one color. I think if I did it, I would. But I think I don’t have time for this scarf, as lovely as it is.

I think I’m in :rofl: I was going to do the other scarf but I think I’ll do this one instead…

I’m thinking black and red caron simply soft for mine… just gotta get the black this coming weekend… :teehee:

I got my black yarn today… getting ready to go join dh on the couch and finish the WVU game and try to get it going… :cheering:

I’m going to do it in Cascade 220 (because that’s what I have) in a very Christmasy green and red and give it to someone, probably my mom, as a gift.

Nadja xxx

I got it started last night during football… I’m working two of the strands at once :teehee: trying to see if that goes faster… I am remebering though how I get bored with I-cord… and hope I get this finished :rofl:

Can somebody please help me. I had this magazine, and got my yarn (Red Heart Soft Yarn) and then a mysterious elf, knitting gnome, or possibly my husband, took the magazine, and I don’t want to spend 6.00 on another magazine just for that one pattern. Can anyone send it to me, if it is not too much bother?

How is the two strands at once thing going?

I haven’t been able to work on the scarf since Sunday…but it was working out fine… really left me thinking why didn’t I try 3??? :rofl:

Or six?

Okay, I found it. Going to get in on the needles, and see if I can Magic Loop it. I am DPNS impaired.

I have to finish seaming my sweater so I can start a new project! Namely, this one!

I am going to do this scarf … Angelia kindly sent my sister the magazine and i’ve made a copy of the pattern.

I’m wondering if I have enough Rowan Polar in Chocolate in my stash but after seeing everyones idea’s on the two colours, I realised I also have lots of Rowan Polar in Stone … so brown & beige here I come …

What are you planning to do with the two colours? are you knitting the garter strip in one colour or two? are you going to have one end one colour and the other end the other? and are you just going to split the 6 strands equally or is there another formula so that it looks nice when weaved together???

I think I may have to fiddle around with the weaving diagram on the computer and colour it in etc to see which strands need to be which colour … :thinking:

I wasn’t sure how to do the garter band either so I did it in red :?? I might do the other black… that would prolly work… and I didn’t want it to be 2" either :rofl: … My first strand is red, the 2nd black, and thats as far as I’ve gotten :rofl: I’m gonna draw out the little guide they have and color it in and see which should go where… from looking at the guide it seems like I should be ok keeping red the odd #s and black the even #…

your prolly could do the 6 cords at once… I thought I’d give it a try with the first 2… wish I had done at least 3 now… all my circs are filled and I don’t think all 6 cords would fit on DPNs…

I really need to finish other projects to get my Denise set all back in its case…instead of plotting to get the options so I can have even more projects on needles :doh:

Who knew that I would come up with a good excuse to buy more options. I love the KP options. I need to add second pairs of my common sizes like 8, 7, 6 and 10.5.

I am going to do it in simply soft brites watermelon. It is really a bright pink, but I already have the yarn and the beige I was going to do is being used for a sweater, so sigh pink it is.

Right - I’m not doing this in the Rowan Polar because it is too thick and heavy … I would be doing weight-training everytime I wore the scarf I think! :teehee:

So I have some black & cream yarn which is really soft (cashmere, extra fine merino and silk) and I am going to use that instead because I don’t have enough money at the moment to go and buy new stash.

OK people - for those of you doing 2 colours … see my experiment below - I personally wouldn’t do colour 1 / colour 2 / colour 1 / colour 2 / colour 1 / colour 2 because when you weave I don’t think it would work well - you may like the effect - in which case, please ignore me! :teehee:

I am going to do 4 strands in one colour (1,3,4 & 6) and 2 in the other (2 & 5).

I hope to co for this tonight :cheering: (I spent ALL last night untangling the cream yarn which had got into a mess for some reason)

ohh thanks for the chart… I don’t know if I have enough black so I prolly should do the same… use it for only 2 strands… :teehee:

:teehee: I’ve changed my mind again :teehee: I’m now doing it in Cream & Mulberry … cream is going to be the main colour and I’ll probably do both ends in full cream … but then again … maybe I could stripe it … hmmm :thinking:

:pray: I pray that some day I can do this. I am so interested. I would make a few only if I could :eyebrow: