Vogue Holiday Knitting - Cover Scarf

Okay, did anyone else already start a KAL for this? If so, let me know. If not, I am going to make this scarf! I am starting next week, on my trip back east. I figure it is a simple easy little project for airplane knitting. I am going to use Caron Simply Soft, because I am broke and have already spent $200 on knitting stuff in the last month. :teehee:

Here is the scarf:

I know you’re all looking at my post. Come on! You know you wanna join… :eyebrow:

I just wanna know what color you picked, Andee.

I’m going to knit this scarf, but at this rate I’ll be starting it in 2008! :teehee:

It’s funny because I just looked at this issue at the library and I need that scarf. :slight_smile:

First I need to buy the mag and get some yarn though. It might be a while as we just moved and life is out of control right now.

What color are you making?

I know I should have picked something bold and beautiful like the cover, but I picked beige. Hey, what can I say? I want something I can wear with anything. I think it is the toasted almond color of simply soft.

I want to knit this scarf soooo bad. But with 2 blankets that need to be done by x-mas, I really shouldn’t start it. But honestly, that doesn’t mean I wont.

I plan on knitting it, ain’t no doubt! But, I don’t know when, I hope to cast on for a shawl after knitting “A Touch of Whimsy” scarf and fingerless gloves for me (all these are being done during [url=http://lacevember.blogspot.com/]Lacevember[/url), and that will be after I finish Rusted Root that I am now knitting. Alas, I have no idea when I will knit it, it is gorgeous, isn’t it?! The lady who designed it is a member of the knitters review forum, I read about how excited she is, very cool!

well, heck. i’m in. i have to buy a bundle for the tie-front cardigan (p. 71 vogue knitting holiday), so i may as well buy for this, too. :teehee:

and, i’m going for red!

OOOO :cheering: hellokitty and I are going to knit this scarf. It’s so pretty :heart: :inlove: I’ve never done a KAL and I’m just a slut when it comes to sticking to one project but I’m going to give monogomy a try. :teehee:

Nadja xxx

monogamy, shmonogamy!

I just got the pattern and WOW that’s alot of yarn for a scarf. I was going to do it in a combination of Chili Pepper red Suri Dreams and and Wool Ease Cranberry but I don’t think I’ve got enough. O GOD I guess…I’m…going…to…have…to…order…more…yarn…but…said…I…wouldn’t but…AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!! HELP ME!!! :hair: :hair: :hair: Oh shoot I’m just too weak.

Nadja xxx

calm down… i just pm u…

I think it would be TOTALLY cool to do it in 2 different colors. Or heck, even 6 different colors!

When I finally get around to knitting it, I think I’ll take several shades of the same color (say, ranging from baby blue to deep navy).

Ah, can’t wait! :inlove:

What yarn are you all using?

I’ve got the pattern, but no yarn yet. =)

What yarn are you all using?

I’m using Karabella Aurora 8. I had planned on using the “real red” color featured in the magazine, but… well, in my attempt to be more “colorful,” I chickened out. So, I’m making mine in black.

On another note, I’m making the same scarf in the same brand of yarn for my DH… but his will have two colors: orange and blue, a la the New York Islanders hockey team :teehee:

It’s on my list!!

I might use microspun, crochet fashion cotton, alpaca… i have not decided yet …

That is actually a REALLY REALLY REALLY good idea!

That is actually a REALLY REALLY REALLY good idea![/quote]

:muah: LOL