Vogue Felted Rose Bag

I JUST started my Felted Rose Bag and I already am having trouble. The pattern says:

With A cast on 50 sts and work ST st fro 2", (I totally got that)
end with a WS row (this is whatI don’t get…The row I am at now I should purl next, is this right?)
K next row on RS for turning ridge. (What?)
Con’t in St st for 1" more.

This is what I think it means. K a Row, P a Row, for 2". k two rows, then K a row,P a row, for one more inch. Is that right?


That looks right. The extra knit row will be where the bag folds, it sounds like.

okay, cool! That is what I am going for. I think it is a hem that folds over. I think!!!


A turning ridge is a place for knitting to fold easily, so I think you’ve got it.

Hey Kellann…I just read the same question over @ KR and thought that I should tell you to come over here and ask around…small world!! AND…WELCOME to the forum :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I love :heart: :heart: that bag and want to knit it, too…but it’s at the end of a very long project list…but, it IS a MUST HAVE!!! That thing is GAWGEOUS :inlove:

Hi Kellann
I just wanted to mention this real quick…
Is this the felted purse that has roses on a what looks like a trellis?
If so, I saw this in a LYS store. The owners mom had made it. I loved it and had said I wanted to make it but I was pretty new to knitting and she thought I might have problems with it because she said the pattern had errors througt out it and me being rather new, would not know that there was any and would wind up getting stuck and frustrated.
Now I don’t know if that’s the truth or not but it certainly discouraged me. But that is an awesome bag! Let me know how you do. I’m really interested in how you do and if maybe I could actually pull it off sometime soon.

Thanks for the info!!! I am on row 6 of the pattern as of right now…I will pay real close attention from here on out! Thanks eveyone!


You will find Vogue corrections here :smiley:

I have already found a mistake that is not on that page! Nice work Vogue :doh: . You would think they could get it right. I will post the mistakes on my KAL page!


I just HAD to put in my 2 cents on this topic. I have admired that purse pattern for many years and Nicky’s book “felted flowers”. In that particular book the pattern is knitted flat in two pieces and then seamed together. Believe me when I tell you, it is a nightmare to follow the decreases and have the trellises match on the sides once they are seamed. So I gave up after only knitting one side. I must say too, that I have seen this same complaint on various knitting sites many times, so I know it’s not just ME. Then she came out with a version of the same pattern that is knitted on circular needles and I thought WOW, that would work. WRONG! I got past the top band and one set of trellises, then I got stuck because none of the patterns were matching up and I never had the right number and right color sequence of stitches at the end of a row. Even though it is done in the round, in actuality, it is just split with markers diving one side from the other so you won’t have to seam it, and you don’t have to turn or purl at all. Othern than that, it’s the same pattern It’s still problematic when trying to accomplish the decreases. I had idea that I might experiment with after laying awake nights thinking and trying to master this pattern. What I came up with is this: How about, instead of knitting from the top down, why not start at the bottom using a provisional cast on so you can then pick up those stitches later to complete the flat bottom. Then, instead of decreasing, you would be increasing and, to me, that seems like it would work out a lot better. Someone suggested to me that I might want to graph it out first - GREAT Idea! Another person took the time to do a whole mathematical formula for me on how to divide up the stitches and patterns. People are so wonderful and helpful in the knitting world. After saying all this, I would absolutely NOT recommend a new knitter trying this pattern. I have been knitting for over 50 years and I design and knit beaded bags (Barb’s Bags) so I am not a novice. I have never had this much trouble with a pattern - ever. I admire all Nicky’s designs, and have many of her books and patterns, but I have to give this [I][B]written[/B][/I] pattern a thumbs down, even Though I LOVE LOVE LOVE :heart: the completed bag. It is probably the prettiest felted bag pattern I have ever seen in all the years I’ve been knitting. If I ever get my idea to work out, I will be sure to let everyone on this forum know that it is actually doable (I hope) because the finished project is to die for!.:happydance: