Vogue Fall 2005 pattern search

My youngest daughter has never received anything knitted from me (her boys have a gazillion sweaters) because she’s on the picky side and I don’t want to make her something she would be guilted into wearing.

She finally found a sweater she likes, but it’s an ad after page 32 for Karabella. The second one–white v-neck lacy pullover.

I’ve searched, but this number doesn’t seem to be available yet. Anyone have an idea for something similar or a new place to look? The Karabella site has the pic for the yarn, but not this number pattern.

I’ve spent all morning looking at the free pattern sites. I figure that I only have a few more decades on this planet so I should use them more wisely!

Might be too new. Try contacting the company by email to find out when the pattern will be released.

I thought of that, too, but there wasn’t a link on their site. I’ll keep checking because they had other newer patterns on the site. Thanks.

The Aurora 4 yarn is a new line of yarn introduced for this fall. The pattern is new and written for this yarn. It will take a little time for the pattern to hit the market. You might want to sign up for their catalog. Perhaps it is listed there. http://www.karabellayarns.com/

Yes, I think I’ll send for their catalog. Thanks.

I was just looking at http://www.karabellayarns.com/flashsite.asp
under patterns then the first link aurora4…white v neck…is that it? I couldn’t find the pattern either but I REALLY like the sweater. Will you please let me know if you have any luck finding it?

Will do!


That sweater is lovely, but I can’t find the pattern either. Add me to the list along with Kemp if you do find it. :notworthy:

And I don’t think “Ingrid’s Insights” is to know-it-all-y. We all have insights - even KK, and sharing them is what makes this site so great! :thumbsup:


I emailed Karabella to find out when and where this will be available. I was going to send for a catalog, but apparently it costs money, but they don’t say how much. I resent paying for a catalog!

I’ll let you know if I hear from them.

I’m mulling over Ingrid’s Insights. My camera was shipped today, though. :happydance:

Did I miss an especially good insight from Ingrid? I’m lost.

Somewhere, I think in the Felted Clogs knit along I mentioned that I ordered a camera, finally, and probably should think of a blog name so I can post my stuff. Ingrid’s Insight was suggested by Mary S. I tend to be very self-effacing, anyway, so I thought it might be too know-it-allish. I am beginning to like it, though. I have some insights.

I like it.

Ingrid, did you get your Vogue Fall 05 magazine already? I didn’t think it was out yet. :??

I got it at least a week ago. Subscription.

I subscribed too! :crying: Maybe I didn’t do it in time to be on the list for this one. Phooey.