Vogue Cable Stitchionary

Anyone have it? I’m trying to design a few projects using cables. I’ve not been finding anything that quite fits what I want, so I was thinking of ordering it. Any thoughts from those that own it?


I saw this at Barnes & Noble the other night, but didn’t really LOOK at it. I like to order online too, much cheaper. Recommend you go look at it at BN and then order on Amazon.

Vogue Stitchionary on Amazon

try www.knitpicks.com…sometime 30% off…

I can get it locally with a discount, I just don’t wanna drive 25 miles to go fetch it unless I decide it’s worth it :slight_smile:

I have it and I’ve actually used it to make a scarf with different patterns from the book. I’m glad I have it. :shrug:

The Vogue Cable book is nice but if you are interested in design I would really recommend the Harmony Guides Volume 5, 220 Aran Stitches and Patterns. The patterns are arranged by row repeats so it makes it really easy to match patterns that have the same number of row repeats. In addition there is a little information on designing. If you order from Amazon, it’s only $11.55.

ooooh… that sounds like a good one :slight_smile: I’ll have to look that up when I get home! Thanks for the heads up!

I’ve looked through the Vogue Stitchionary series and I REALLY love it. I bought the first one and I’m planning on buying the Cable book as well.
It has tons of cables and what I love best is how beautiful each pattern is displayed on the page. Very clean and simple.

I have both – the Vogue and the Harmony guide – they are both excellent. I think the Harmony guide has more…and I like the way it’s organized. :thumbsup:

I ordered all 3 Stitchionaries from KnitPicks last week because they’re all 30-something % off. I think the package arrived today (CV thinks it arrived today but didn’t bring it home :-x :-x :-x silly husband, doesn’t he realize it’s not cool to keep a knitter waiting for her books? :grrr: ) :wink:

Wow!!! That’s a really helpful way to organize the patterns. Although I could probably do a long row repeat, I think that even with a row counter, I’d lose track. :oops: So for now, I don’t go beyond my “comfort zone” of six rows. Thanks for posting this, Calamintha–that’s really helpful! (sorry if I hijacked the thread)

I’ve got this book - and the first one too. I got them for Christmas and I really like them.

I’ve used the cable book to make a cabled handbag - and when I took it out to dinner with me two of my friends were astonished that I’d made it and then asked me to make one for them too!

My only complaint is that it’s not the easiest book to have on your lap when knitting and getting it to lie flat to be photocopied is also fun!

Mind you - now I also like the sound of the Harmony book too!!! Grr - guess I’d better go shopping!

Just remember - You can never have too many books!

Aint that the truth!

I agree about not being able to get it to lie flat while you’re trying to work from it, that’s my only quarrel with it. Great book!

Now I must go look up the others mentioned here… :out:

The Harmony Guide books are paperbound. They wouldn’t normally lay flat but you can take them to a copy shop like Kinko’s and ask that they cut the spine and put in a spiral binding instead. They will lay flat after that.

Gosh - that sounds very clever!

Wonder if anyone in the UK does that?