VK book **SOLD**

i am selling this book(brand new) for $18 [U][B]$15[/B][/U]…pm me if interested…:wink:

pick your free 2 needles here


I have this book. I was lucky enough to pay $5.00.Its a great resource.

really where you buy it ? so that others who wanted to get one knows where to get it for that price

It was a BUY IT NOW on Ebay, about a year ago…Sissy

what typesof patterns are in here? and also, does it have top down sweaters?

it had yoke knitting circular … alot of info on sweater…like neck, pockets, button holes etc…

has your book been sold yet,where are you located?I would be interested if postage not to expensive.
Fran Watson

how about $18 that include shipping and delivery confirmation …let me know

Now it $15 + $1 shipping and you get 2 needles free …

If you still have this, I will buy it from you! Please let me know.

I pm’d you too…Cheley