Vista and the new SP1 service pack

I am one of the “lucky” ones with Vista (the techs that I have talked to have just about groaned when I told them I had it!) and I keep seeing stuff about it. I was told by a tech that I should get the service pack as it is supposed to fix my computer (when I put it to hibernate or just close the screen, I have to do a hard shut off to get it to turn back on, something about it will not come out of hibernate on its own:shrug:). But I don’t know where to get it from, if it is free or anything. You would think that MS would send out email to the Vista customers or something?

Anyone have any opinions on this?

Go to Microsoft Update. They have the SP1 for Vista. I haven’t done it yet as I have been reading where it may cause problems but I am sure I will have to do it. I like to wait a little while and read up on the problems. Sometimes if I wait they will fix any problems before I down load the patches. Hope this helps.