Visited NYC

I took a short trip to NY to visit my brother and his family. We were driving down the street and saw “KNITTY CITY” so of course we had to go in. I bought my 11 year old niece some needles and cotton yarn, and got her started on a dish cloth. She’s VERY excited. She had a project on some other needles already, and I showed her the secret of continental knitting - which she did without a stumble, and I showed her that her knitting was way too tight. I wish I could be nearer to her, as she is really keen to learn more. (She really wants to learn to purl, and couldn’t understand why my all-knit project looked different than hers…mine was knitting in the round).

Sounds like you and your neice had a great time. It’s nice that you two have an interest you can share.

Lori, where is this place in NYC? My daughter and I are taking a 4 day trip at the end of May and that sounds like a fun place to visit. Any info would be appreciated. Did you go to the Lion Brand showroom too? I want to see if that is anywhere near where we will be.


Mary Grace, I’m so sorry, I have no idea where I was! I saw so many sites and I had my dear brother driving us, so I don’t know. YOu could probably do an internet search or something.

Knitty City is on the upper west side:

That’s not near the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, which is near Union Square. If you take the 1 train north from LBYS, you’ll get to Knitty City in about 20-30 minutes.