Visited my LYS

It was sooooo hard not to buy any yarn! I promised my dh that I wouldn’t buy any until he gets paid. String of purls was the best IMHO. so open and pretty. AND they have the felted clog pattern! I wanted to buy the pattern and yarn for it sooo badly. The lady who worked there had a swift and ball winder all set up and using them. (Yea I now want them very badly ) When they asked if I needed any help I explained to them about my promise to dh and they just laughed and said they understood. told me that if I ever had any questions with my knitting that I could stop in at any time and they would happily help me. SO NiCE! Brenda I am so glad that you suggested that I stop there and check it out. I can not wait until dh gets paid so that I can go get the clog pattern and the wool necessary. :XX:

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance: i am glad that they had it for you! i ended up getting mine when mom and went shopping in Des Moines a couple of months ago. I haven’t started them yet but i have the pattern! :wink:

i love that store much more than Personal Threads just because it is so roomy and bright. as much as i love the supply they have at threads i would rather just call ahead than spend the time browsing…too crowded.

And don’t forget thursday night is Sit n Knit. I can only go about once a month but they were a very nice group when i went there…


Ya know, nothing warms my heart more than a good LYS story. :sunny: