Virtuellas Ull og tull/Wool and nonsense

I am glad to hear you are feeling so happy. Your blog and the pictures are such a treat to see. I love the yarn with the shells. :heart:

Every time I read Virtuella’s blog I get a craving for Solo. That was the best drink ever. Except when my friend’s sister in Mo i Rana spiked it with aquavit - that was harsh! :shock: [size=2]I wish I could remember even a little of the Norwegian I learned years ago.
[/size] :doh"

Glad to see you’re feeling good today, Ella! BIG HUGS I hope you’ll take that energy and do something wonderful just for you.

I have knitted one sock (picture in my blog), and I am having difficulties deciding how to make its partner.
Identical twins or fraternal twins?

It’s a tough call–it depends on how much you really want them to look “identical.” I, personally, would be happy with a fraternal twin sock!

I’ve got two skeins of Noro Sakura, for making deliberate fraternal twin socks. They’ll be the same style, different colorways (I think I picked #1 and #3).

The wrapped portions ought to make them really trippy looking.

I would make them identical and save the extra bit for stripes on something else, for contrast heels or toes on socks, or perhaps for an iPod case! :happydance: What a delightful thing to have won! Music is a miraculous thing!

I have not knitted the sockpartner yet, but I have had some new things in my blog.

Lovely knitting! I really like that shawl–the stitchwork is so pretty, and the yarn is gorgeous! :inlove:

And how cute the kids are parading with their Norwegian flags!!

I really like the term “sockpartner”! It’s much more charming than “second sock”. From this moment forward, all my first socks have partners!

Happy Norway Day Virtuella!

Bad hair day!
My hair started falling off today, after the parade! I have now taken off almost all of it, or it is as much as the machine was able to cut. The rest of it is of course falling off, I hope mostly of it in the shower or in a towel.

Hm… I dont know about this. My son was quite chocked, but my daughter was quite brave, she told me that I looked like Sinead o’ Connor.

I think you look gorgeous! :inlove: :inlove: I’m sure it is quite a shock, but that will wear off in no time!

Even if it is a bad hair day I still think you are beautiful! :heart:

You look wonderful! I often wish that ‘do’ was an acceptable option for women. I’d be sooo there! :heart: :heart:

You look great! :heart:

My mom had that “do” for at least the last 5 or 6 years of her life. I don’t think any of my kids except my 16 yo son remembers Gramma ever having any hair! :thumbsup:

I love Odessa, it is quite easy to knit, and she is beautiful, soft… Im in love! :heart:

This time she is navyblue!

You DO love Odessa! Wow! How many of those have you knit now? :rofling:

I love that blue… :inlove:

:oops: I have knitted eight of them… :oops:

:oops: I have knitted eight of them… :oops:[/quote]

Don’t be embarrassed–be proud! They’re beautiful!