Virtuellas Ull og tull/Wool and nonsense

Today I have some new pictures.
Most of my entries are written in english after the pictures, or… I try my very best to write “your” language!

:XX: :XX:

I just visited your blog…I so love your skirt & hat…GORGEOUS :thumbsup:

WOW! I love that skirt! :thumbsup:
I am :drooling: over the pictures of all that sock yarn!

Virtuella, I never realized what beautiful knitting you do!!! Your things are just gorgeous!! :inlove:

Your work is simply gorgeous!!

Thanks everybody!
Today I have knitted an Odessa, a lovely pattern!
Picture in my blog.

Everything is stunning! I love the Tinkerbell hat - and the Odessa hat is on my list - I just love your color combination on that!

That hat is gorgeous! I love the pink beads on it!

OMG, the hat is adorable–the beads! The beads! And that skirt–it actually looks woven! :inlove:

Great work!! :cheering:

And thanks for adding some English for us! :wink:


And the Odessa of the day is with blue beads!

Yet another beautiful hat!

Good look with chemo tomorrow :heart:

Yes, good luck!! :heart: :heart:

“Lykke til” as they say in Connecticut :heart: :heart:

Vilka otroligt fina Odessa du har gjort. Jag är själv sugen på att sticka en sån men är egentligen inte en “mössa-person”. Kanske kan sticka den åt någon annan? :smiley:

Kjolen du har stickat är också väldigt fin. Jag ska titta på mönstret vid ett senare tillfälle. Är lite sugen på att sticka en kjol men har inte hittat ett mönster jag tycker om.

Jag hoppas att din cellgiftbehandling kommer gå bra och att den inte ger dig för svåra biverkningar. Håller tummarna för dig! :heart:


Um, yeah…



I feel soo good! :thumbsup:
And I have new pictures in my blog!

So happy to hear you’re feeling well!! :heart: :heart:

As for the new knitting: Beautiful socks, Margot! And I love that button-front white tank top :inlove: :inlove: --guess that pattern’s not available in English, eh? :frowning:

I dont know… :frowning:
The pattern is from this catalog:

Well, the catalog is not in English…:frowning:

Oh well! I’ll just keep visiting your blog and admiring yours! :wink:

Beautiful! I love you pictures - how you add the touches like flowers and shells - so pretty! I too am glad you are feeling good - I hope you keep feeling good through chemo. :heart: