Virginia Tech healing blankets

Hi, (copying this from original in the General Knitting forum)

I read today on a blog that a yarn store in Blacksburg, Virginia is accepting knitted and crocheted squares in order to make up blankets for the victims’ families and also the injured victims. This will go on through the month of May.

They want soft, cozy 8x8 inch (20 cm x 20 cm) squares in the school colors, and they can be maroon/burgundy, burnt orange, white, or black. You can drop them off or mail them to:

Mosaic Yarn Shop
880 University City Blvd.
Blacksburg, Va

Mosaic Yarn Shop’s website is here:

I think this is a very nice gesture. My husband, who has been bereaved suddenly twice in his life, told me he would have really appreciated something like this to help with his grieving.

It’s strange because I have a stack of 8x8 inch squares for a blanket I am working on and one is maroon!! I just hope it isn’t too purpley. I do have some white yarn I could use, too.

Just thought y’all might find this interesting!

I bought some yarn today. I plan to make up some squares to send along :slight_smile: Thanks for posting this.

I didn’t go to Virginia Tech, but I did go to George Mason University and many of my HS friends went to VT. I dated a guy there and VT is just a wonderful school. That was my first choice of schools actually.

So I’ll be making my contribution to the school. I feel as though it something I should do b/c I did spend a lot of time on that campus, even slept in AJ west on many nights. I just can’t imagine what it must be like for those students today.

I keep those people at VT in my prayers daily as it is a long and hard road ahead of them.


To quote the Mosaics blog
"Deadline is the end of May! Thanks! Any type of yarn, preferably super soft and yummy!"

Just FYI, since I know yarn types was a question that came up :slight_smile:

Yay, Anna! Thanks for making this a knit-along. In response to the questions from your original thread, I read that any yarn type is acceptable. As stated in the site you linked to,“please knit or crochet squares out of the nicest, softest yarn you can afford.” Posters of the attached comments refer to Cascade 220, superwash merino, alpaca, and acrylic. Seems that any soft yarn type will indeed do, provided the colors match those you named. I expect they’ll probably accept other colors as well.

The shop will be accepting squares until the end of May.

Also, if it matters to anyone, the shop owner wrote in her blog that they’ll be giving a blanket to the gunman’s family. I don’t wish to spread his infamy by mentioning his name, but I do like the idea of giving to his parents, whose pain I can only imagine.

Here’s a button from the shop owner’s blog.

I’m in! What yarn is everyone using? My finals end on Mon and after that I am a free woman! I am going to my favorite not so local ys on Tues to stock up on Hokie colors. I have a few ideas for patterns. Now to get the right size.

I have a tip that I learned from my Dishcloth KAL group that might help with this project (my sister just posted the same tip on the blog I guess great minds think alike lol!). If you use a circular needle you can knit more than one square at time. Just cast on for the first one using one ball of yarn, then with another ball cast on right next to the first. Then just knit across the one drop the yarn and knit the the other. Some of the women do 3 and 4 at once. I find it gets a little heavy with more than 2.

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I think I will make up a square in the white baby acrylic I have, then. As I said before, the maroon square I already had ready is all wool. Kind of scratchy. Besides, I measured it last night and it’s 8.8 inches, not 8. :frowning:

I like that idea, too.

Anna, I’d go ahead and send the 8.8 inch square to them with any others that you make. I seriously doubt that everything they receive will be built to code. :slight_smile:

Yesterday, I visited a local craft/hobby store that currently has all of their yarn 10% off. I bought a skein of Woolease in cranberry (way more maroon than raspberry,) and one each of Red Heart Soft in tangerine, white and black. I kinda agonized between the tangerine and paprika, and finally decided the paprika was a brick color and the tangerine is burnt orange. [size=2]I need to build up my stash anyway. Everyone here has more than I do. :teehee: [/size]

Holly, thanks so much for the tip on multi squares! I’m gonna do that.

I will, then! I washed and lightly blocked it last night, so it’s ready to go when it dries. I am still concerned, though, because it’s hand wash-only wool.

Those colors sound wonderful. Tangerine! Paprika! :heart:

I started a square two days ago. I’m using a dark red/maroon color of Mission Falls 1870 Superwash that I had on hand. I’m using a stitch pattern called Paralellagram Check from Barabara Walkers first Treasurey of Knitting patterns. I’s looking really nice. It’s taking me a while though because of my work schedule and a bit of carpal tunnel blues. But I’ll get in done and mailed before the end of May.

I love this idea! My daughter is graduating from Tech the weekend of May 11th. I’ll actually be able to drop this at the store!

Congratulations to your daughter!!! :cheering: Please give her my best wishes for the future!

On the squares front I went to my not so lys and they were sold out of Hokie colors. I really had my heart set on not doing a white or black one!I am going shopping this afternoon and will check out my lys even though the owner is a bit crazy and scares me.

Im hoping to wander by the store this week, just been wanting to stop by and haven’t had a chance. Thank you all for doing this, it really means so much to the community that people from all over are reaching out!

If you’re interested in what campus looks like with the memorials, I’ve put up pictures on my website (see my signature) and i’ll be getting more this weekend…

I finished my square and blocked it. I will mail it tomorrow.
I would post a pic but I can’t load pictures just now. My husbands setting me up witha new computer so I will be able to in a few days.

I hope they get enough squares and have a good seaming up party.

so it doesnt matter if its acrylic or wool?

here are some square patterns:

Here is my square- it should arrive next week.
I hope they get plenty!

Very pretty! What stitch and color is that? I finished one and began a second one tonight.

What stitch and color is that?

It is horizontal parallelogram check from Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting patterns. It is hard to photograph details on red, I think.
The yarn is Mission Falls Super wash. I’m not sure of the color but it’s a dark red.

Two down, one in progress, and enough yarn for several more. I did one in Rowan Summer Tweed, and one in Cascade Jewel. I’m doing a modular square (4 squares in one) in Cascade 220. I’ll try to get pictures up tomorrow :slight_smile:

Mine is off to the post office today. I didn’t take a picture of it before sealing the envelope, but it’s maroon, done in the Belt Welt stitch from the stitch library at

Eloewien, do you think Mosaic will post pictures of some of the blankets before they are presented to the families?