Virginia Knitters

I was just wondering if anyone here was from Virginia…I am from Mechanicsville and am new to knitting and was hoping there would be a couple of people who I could get together with to talk Knitting. :blush:

I really love this site and try to get on every couple of days!



Are you near New Market? We are vacationing near there next week. PM me and maybe we can try to meet. :thumbsup:

I’m close to FRANKLIN,VA—not too sure but I think you’re about an hour or so away from me. I’m on vacation in the mountains this week…but maybe we could meet sometime in between! I don’t drive in Richmond, but maybe on the outskirts of Petersburg going eastward?? I don’t really drive in any cities anymore!!

I’m not so very new at knitting, but I haven’t done anything other than scarves, socks, blankets–a shrug, but no sweaters yet!!

Hi :waving: I’m in Yorktown. We should try to have a knit together. I’m up for going anywhere! I know there are more Va knitter on the boards.

I’m a bit far- I’m in Pulaski, about 3-4 hours from you, but when I visit my parents in Richmond, maybe we could get together! It’s only about once every six months (I don’t get that much vacation time) but I would certainly love to meet another knitter!

Hi there! I’m a Virginia knitter as well, living just outside Richmond. I just started knitting a few months ago (although I bought my needles over a year ago, it took me that long to finish my first ever scarf!!!) :slight_smile:

I just started a shawl for my grandmother for Christmas…that’s my goal between now and then, to make something homemade for everyone in my family!

I’d be happy to get together with other area knitters!!! :XX: