Vintage Yarn Wrapper Photo

I found this on a vintage yarn wrapper and just had to share. If any of you want it in better resolution, I’d be happy to send it by email.

We buy all sorts of things to sell online, and sometimes I find items I just have to “shoot”, like this yarn label. Last summer, I found an old doll scrapbook at the bottom of a box of craft supplies. After Christmas, I’ll probably spend 100 hours uploading those photos to my website. I LOVE OLD STUFF! :heart:

I have a few vintage books I love them also and some of the patterns would be right in style today.
I wonder what year the wrapper was from?

Charming! I wonder if someone at Paton’s yarn could date it for you. Since it talks about shrinkproof yarn, I wonder if it was an early version of superwash.

Here’s their contact info:
[B] Head Office[/B]

       320 Livingstone Avenue South
      Listowel, ON
      N4W 3H3


       [EMAIL=""]Email Us[/EMAIL]

Thanks. I might try that. A few years ago I found some vintage yarn that recommended washing in “Lux Soap.” Anybody else remember Lux or am I the old lady of the forum?

I remember it too, so you’re the only one.

Sure I remember Lux Soap. Fluffy white flakes of soap that was supposed to be very mild and good for baby clothes, lingerie, etc. (The opposite of Duz, which was strong stuff for dirty work clothes and such. The slogan was “Duz Does Everything”).

You can still get Lux Bath Soap from, among other sources.

I not only remember Lux, I remember Lux Radio Theater!

Thanks! I love vintage stuff! This cool yarn label is prolly older than both of us! How in the world did it survive?! It’s in better shape than me!

Awww you like me!! :hug:

:lol: That’s cute! I don’t collect old stuff (unless you count DH :teehee:), but it sure is fun to see!