Vintage Sock Pattern?

Hi, All!

I’m a newbie here and I need help finding a knitting pattern for a present I want to make.

My boyfriend is a HUGE Boston Red Sox fan, so I thought a pair of Boston Red Sox sockswould be a nice present either for his birthday next month or Christmas *can ya tell I’m a procrastinator?:wink: *

But I can’t find the type of sock used for the Boston Red Sox logo. It’s just a two colored sock with red for the main color of the sock, then white around the heel and toe, and small white vertical stripes in the ribbing at the top of the sock.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you so much!!!

Watch this video - this is a way to do the stripes in the k2/p2 ribbing section at the top. Ignor the cutting/steeking part.

Here’s a man-size sock with a short row heel. those kinds of heels look best in different color then the main sock color. Same with toes.
You can ignor the cableing in the sock leg and just stockinette stitch that part.