Vintage Shawl Pattern Help


I’m new here and I’ve been struggling with this pattern for months. I have been able to successfully make the triangular shawl piece but the border has been a bear for me. It is knitted separate from the shawl and then sewn on using what they call a flat join. I personally would like to be able to just join as I go but first I have to figure out how to make it. This pattern is from the 70s and is not charted, only written instruction. The border starts with casting on 34 stitches and then knitting 7 rows of garter stitch. Then it is as follows:

My first question:

On the first short row section where I am shaping for the slope of the shawl, is there a way to keep the basket pattern IN Pattern or do I just have to flub this?

The point is giving me the biggest headache because I simply can’t visualize where this sits and what this looks like.

Am I to assume that on each of these short row sections I am to wrap and turn and not just turn? If I don’t wrap, I end up with holes, although the point piece, the giant hole may be part of the design. I don’t know because in the picture you can’t see that section at all.

I’m not even certain how to go about charting this. I’m so confused. HELP!!

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Seems like this would be a bear to try and chart although, I agree that some kind of chart would be a help.
You should be able to work the wrap and turn which is initially a wrapped slip stitch. When you come back to that stitch to conceal the wrap, follow the basketweave pattern to either knit or purl the stitch and its wrap, concealing the wrap.
Just in case you need to see this, here’s a slow motion video. At about 4:30min in the video the pick up of wraps in demonstrated for a wrapped knit or wrapped purl.