Vintage pattern

Hi, l’d love some help please. I am knitting a layette from a vintage pattern, I’ve completed the baby dress and booties and now am attempting the mittens.
I don’t understand these instructions.

Does it mean keep repeating rows 1 - 5 until 7 sts remain? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

It’s like shaping the crown of a hat. In each decrease row there will be one fewer stitch between decreases. You won’t be able to follow the decrease rows exactly but the pattern of decreases will continue.
So in the next dec row, the repeat after the initial K1 will be k2tog, k1(2) with the alt row as plain knit. You’ll eventually get to a row of k2tog around and finally another row of k2tog which should be 7sts total.

Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I had tried to knit according to how I had interpreted the instructions and I was clearly wrong. It all makes sense now. You’re a star :star:

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