Vintage pattern very confusing

I’m working on a vintage pattern.I’ve made the back,all looks well.the problem is on the left tells me to shape the front slope to knit the row all the way to the last two stitches then knit two together.the problem is that this takes the number of stitches to an even rather than an odd then says to work nine rows.the pattern is in half fisherman’s rib,ie one row of knit all the way,then one row knit 1,knit1below,purl,repeat to last three stitches,then purl,k1below,k1.problem is,now I have an even number of stitches it throws the rib out.any suggestions how to proceed greatly appreciated

It’s more important to maintain the pattern of the rib on the following rows. This may mean working the last two sts as stockinette rather than rib in order to keep the rest of the rows in pattern.