Vintage pattern - twists

Merry Christmas everyone! Before I go away for the holidays I want to make sure I have all my Christmas knitting questions straightened out. I’m knitting this blouse from a vintage pattern. It has some cables or twists on the yoke. The instructions are simply: * k8, slip 4 sts onto the double pointed needle, k 4 sts from the large needle, twist the double pointed needle and k the 4 sts on this needle, repeat from * across row.

Other patterns I’ve come across have had instructions to hold the dpn to either the front or back while knitting the sts from the main needle, what do I do here? And when it says to twist the dpn, am I supposed to be doing anything other than what you would usually do when knitting sts from a dpn while doing cables?

Thank you for helping!

It seems to me that you need to hold the 4sts to the front. That way the twist is on the outside and the cable crosses to the left.
I can’t see this in the photo but if you want the cable twist on the public side, that’s what you should do.
Safe trip and a very Merry Christmas!

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Thank you so much!