Vintage Pattern. Can anyone help please

I have a vintage pattern for a cape and am stuck. Am not a very expereinced knitter at all.

I have come to a point in the pattern where it says. Cont in pattern. In modern patterns it tells you which rows constirute the pattern but this doesn’t. I have followed the pattern so far doing 16 rows in plain knitting which is a border. Then from row 17 to row 43 it tells you to do various things. Would the pattern be the rows from row 17 to row 43 do you think?

It also says cont in patt. Keeping the front edge straight and 8sts in plain knitting for border, decreasing at each side of each panel in next and every following 6th row until 97 sts remain.

Now first it doesn’t say how much to decrease so I am assuming it means one stitch at each end. Do you think that will be right?

Also I don’t know what it means by each end of each panel. To me there is only one panel! I thought it might mean at the end of the knitting that hasn’t got the 8 stitch border and at the end of the stocking stitch at the other end of the knitting before the 8 stitch border. Anybody know it that could be it?

Anyway I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. Sorry this is long winded but I don’t know how else to explain it.

I ought to have learnt lesson as a beginner with vintage patterns as I attempted gloves in very thin wool. I came on here for help with that which I got and I thank you very much but I had to abandon project as it was too fiddly and hard and wool was too thin and i couldn’t see it properly. At least this time it is thicker wool. I want to succeed this time as I am hoping to knit another longer vintage cape after this. Must be mad but I do love vintage.

Well thanks for reading. Here’s hoping.

I think you’ve got it right. The Continue in Pattern part would be to continue with the rows that create the pattern. In this case, that seems to be 17 to 43.

For the decreases, do one at each end, but inside the 8 stitch border. The ‘panel’ would be the patterned part of the piece. You wouldn’t want to decrease on the border.

You’re doing fine!

A million thank you’s for your swift reply. I think it was you that helped me with the gloves.

I will try what you say. Why do you think it says decrease at each end of each panel? I mean to me there is only one panel which is the knitting starting from the 8 stitch border to the end.

Anyway thanks again I will carry on. This pattern is in the same leaflet as the longer one I want to do. I am doing it in DK wool to match a vintage dress I have for 40’s dances. I have ordered lovely sparkly wool and a weird kind of furry wool for that. So I want that to be right and am kind of glad I am doing the ‘easier’ one first as a practice.

I will definitely put a pic of the sparkly one on the site if I manage it. This will be a fair way in the future but I will do it. I would also like to join in with your blogs when I get time. I will tell you the saga of my knitting attempts so far.


The panel is inside the border. So decrease on the last stitch before the border. Keep the border 8 st all around.

You sound like an adventurous knitter, and an enthusiastic one. You’ll fit right in! :wink:

Hi again

Still not sure about panel as there is only border at one side and at bottom.

Anyway I tried what you said starting at row 17 but if I do that it looks wrong. There are several grooves in the knitting formed by knitting on a purl row. Whatever the patt said to do on the first 43 rows the knit stitches came out in this grove. If I start again on row 17 the knit stitches on the purl row come out past the groove which surely can’t be right? Or can it?

I am enthusiastic and adventurous in knitting as you say but also I think pots for rags as they say in these parts. I mean why couldn’t I just do something simple? Vintage patterns assume everyone is hightly skilled in the art whilst modern ones tend to be a bit more simplified.

Bests Maggi

Have read pattern again and just before it says cont in pattern it says

Repeat 40th and 41st row once and then 40th row once. cont in pattern etc. Now if I was to start on the 40th row the knit stitches would come out in the groove?

So do you think that might be it? just keep repeating those 3 rows. If I did that I would only be decreasing by 2 stitches every 6th row and wouldn’t have the decreasing that goes on in the middle of some the other rows between 17 and 40 so that might not be it as it might end up very long.

My brain is fried now. Oh dear!


Ok–I see now. The panel is the ‘patterned’ part, so I guess I’d decrease on one end and on the other end inside the border.

I’d do the three rows that they call for and then see if row 17 would make sense for the next row. The repeating 40, 41 and 40 are probably a transition to getting back into the pattern. I don’t think you just need to repeat these three rows, though.

I wish I had a copy of your pattern–I could be more help, I think.

A mate who is good at maths has worked out how long the garment would be if I did what I said and it would be too long but I think we might have worked it out.

There are several grooves in the knitting formed by the two knit stitches on the purl row. Do you think that these are what he pattern is calling panels? That could be way it says each end of EACH panel maybe? So decreasing at each end of these would make it about the right length. Am not sure how it would work out in continuing getting the grooves in the right place though.

Have to go now but I can either type out entire pattern so far for you or get a pic taken off it and load in on to net. Well I can’t do this but know a man who can.

Thanks again for help. Back later.

Right Half.

Cast on 160 sts.

Work 16 rows in plain knitting.

17th Knit

18th (K1 P36 K1) 4 times. K8

rep these rows 7 times.

33rd K43 K2 tog K1 (k1 k2tog t.b.l. K32 k2 tog K1) 3 times

34th (K1 P34 K1) 3 times K1 P35 K9

35th Knit

rep 34th & 35th rows once then 34th row once

39th K42 K2 tog K1(K1 K2 tog tbl K30 K2 tog K1) 3 times.

40th (k1 P32 k1) 3 times K1 P34 K9

41st Knit

Rep 40th & 41st rows once then 40th row once.

That is where I am up to and stuck. As I say there are grooves along the work which I think might be what it means by panels. It then says

Cont in patt keeping the front edge straight and 8 sts in plain knitting for border, decreasing at each side of each panel in next and every following 6th row until 97 sts remain.

The rest of the half is.

1st (KI P18 K1 twice turn.
2nd Knit
Rep these 2 rows once
5th K1 P to last 2 sts turn
6th Knit to last two sts turn
7th K1 p to last 4 sts turn
8th K to last 4 sts turn
9th Kp P to last 6 sts turn
10th K to last 6 sts turn
11th K1 pto last 8 sts turn
12th K to last 8 sts turn
13th P to end of row. Cast off.

With wrong side facing join in wool and work accross remainig sts as follows.

Ist K1 P to last 9 sts K 9
2nd Knit
Rep these 2 rows 6 times
Cast off 6 sts at beginnning of next and every alternate row 4 times then 5 sts at beginning of next alternate row.

Work 16 rows in plain knitting on remaining 8 sts Cast off.

I can write out other bit if needs be that is called Left Front. there are only 2 pieces Right Half and Left Front.

Feel the need for strong drink but will settle for cup of herb tea.

Thanks again for your time and patience.
Cheers Mags

Hi again

Length at cenre back should end up 16 inches. Width across shoulder at back 14 inches…

There you have it then.
:?? :doh:

Cheers Mags

I think I can envision it. I hope I can explain it.

At row 33 you did a decrease row with 32 stitches between the decreases.

Then you did rows 34,35,34,35, 34

The next row, which is 39, you did another decrease row with 30 stitches between the decreases.

Then you do row 40, 41, 40, 41, 40

So what I think is that on the next section you do a decrease on each side of the 30 stitches.

I believe the sections between the decreases are considered the panels

So on the next decrease row, you’ll have 28 stitches in the panels.

So at each repeat, you’ll have one less stitch in the first section–You started with 43 st at row 33, then had 42 st at row 39; and you’ll have two fewer stitches betwee the decreases.

Then you do a repeat of the five rows in between–keeping the knits lined up with the knits and the purls lined up with the purls.

Does this make sense?

Maybe I am making it more complicated than it is. So when you say you derease on the two rows and do the 5 rows in between perhaps in this case when it says cont in patt it simply means purl where there is purls and knit where there is knits decreasing at each end of the ‘panels’ which are formed by the grooves of the knit stitches on the purl rows.

I thought cont in Patt usually means repeat rows as they are written but maybe not in this case.

In modern patterns they guide you better.

Anyway I will wing it from here and see how it turns out.

Thank you so much for the help. I will let you know how I get on and will no doubt be back in a state of confusion at some point.

Cheers Mags