Vintage Knitting Pattern - yarn & needles size help needed please!

Hi all. Although I’m new to the forums, I’ve been using the very helpful video tutorials here to guide me through my knitting projects. Hope someone can help me with a couple of questions on a vintage knitting pattern.

I want to knit a v-neck pullover for my husband, however am a bit confused with selecting the correct yarn and needle sizes.

The pattern states that worsted 4 ply yarn is required. Initially I thought that a 4 ply yarn would suffice. However I’m doubtful about this because of the size of needles required, 8 and 10. Presuming these are sizes in 5mm and 6mm converted in metric (is this right? - I live in the UK), the needles seems a little large for 4 ply yarn. Going back to the pattern, the term ‘worsted’ yarn is used. Should I be selecting worsted yarn instead? Confused!!

Thanks for your help!

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Number of plies can be an unreliable way to look at yarn weight because it will depend on the size of the individual plies.
It’s probably better to look at the needle recommended (5 and 6mm) as you have and also the gauge given in the pattern. Worsted weight is often close to 20sts/10cm.

Plies is not a good method of figuring out yarn weight anymore. Here’s a few helpful links.

The size 8 needle may be fine, but 10 seems large unless you knit tight. I knit loose and usually go down a needle size, but it does depend on the yarn and pattern.

Thanks! I was trying to put the link in my message earlier, but was prevented from posting it. This is the link:

I see that the tension suggests 4 stitches = 1 inch, 11 rows = 2 inches. You could try seeing how close you are to that and maybe try different needle sizes until you get it to match.
I am currently working on a pattern where the yarn and pattern tensions differ and found that worked for me.
Good luck!

Yes, testing out your needles and style of knitting is the best way to go. In the US, aran is a heavier weight worsted and that’s more what we would use for 16sts/10cm.

Just wanted to say Thanks for all the cool patterns !

You may have needles in millimeters not the American system as the needles are not the same. I am American so for me to use a European pattern, I look up a conversion utility to tell me if I want a 4.0mm needle, what size it is I am used to. Conversely there will be a web page to go to the find the metric equivalent to an American needle size.

This works for both.