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I finished the 12th row and I have no idea on how to proceed? I am making size 32. Could anyone maybe break down the pattern on how to proceed after row 12? Thank you!!

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Can you give us the name of the pattern or a link to it?
Work the twist on rows 18, 24, 30, 36 etc. For the armhole edge, increase by casting on 2sts on rows 13 and 15 then increase one stitch on rows 17 and 19.

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This is the link to the pattern. I am just confused at the instructions, my apologies. English isn’tmy first language. After row 12, do I continue with row 1 below “proceed”? I currently have 73 sts on my needle, so adding 4 in total would make it 77, but I don’t understand/see what “rows” I should follow.

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To make my question more clear (sorry): I don’t understand what instruction I need to follow for rows 13-19, where can I find this on the pattern? :sweat:

Essentially, you’re going to “read” your knitting. That means following the pattern as set up in the knit fabric rather than the written pattern. It looks like you will be knitting the twist columns on the right side and purling them on the wrong side rows. The sts between the cables or twists are purled on the right side and knit on the wrong side.
It also looks like there is a one stitch garter column (knit every row for one stitch) at the lower edge and at the armhole edge as a border or selvedge.

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Thank you for your advice and help! I finally get it. Very grateful :heartpulse: