Vintage Knitting "Manuals"

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share my knitting news with all of you…I just recieved a bunch of knitting books from a co worker who’s mother passed away at the ripe old age of 98!
My new collection is all VINTAGE knitting manuals. I have not looked at all of them because there is a HUGE stack of them along with a barrel of yarn! SO far the oldest knitting book that I have come across is copyrighted in 1946 and it is called Men’s Handknit Classics Presented by Ayr Scotch Wools, Green Farms, Conn.
Some of the books do not have copyright dates in them but from the pictures i am guessing that they are from the 50s and 60s. I am very excited about this new collection…

Lucky score on the manuals!! :o)

Sad that your co workers mom passed but I’m sure she’s happy knowing that someone appreciative got her treasure.