Vintage Knitting Magazines

I have some vintage knitting magazines in my craft room, and some of the ads are a real window to the past.

Coast to Coast Knitting - She starts knitting in New York, and 10 1/2 hours later, she gets off the plane in California, wearing her new sweater!

Vintage Hero Knitting Needles Ad

Here are some sweaters that are “gay and poster bright”! :lol:

I am loving these!

Keep em coming~ :cheering:

Oh wow that is really cool to see. I’d love to see more if you have them scanned. :slight_smile:

I’ll scan some more tomorrow. For now, here’s another one that’s not as old, but still pretty cool I think. Reminds me of the 60’s.

Let me know if you want the patterns. I can scan them and email them to you.

And here we thought we were the first to make those LOW necklines. This was modeled in 1969.

Here are some vintage men for ya!

Babies and Children, your turn!

I’m expecting to see Dick Van Dyke come tripping over that ottoman any minute now.

And some more vintage knitting for your perusal… :smiley:

These are great! I watch for vintage books and patterns as I love to get ideas from them.

Mama Bear

I have that book of vintage men’s patterns! :smiley:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Wow, I love them! And actually, some of those sweaters still look pretty stylish!

You know, I’m tempted by the guy on the right in the beach/surfboard pic. It’s about time I made something for my man. But I don’t know when I’d get around to it.

Thank you Carolina Red for posting these. If you wouldn’t mind taking a gander at the pattern for the young lady sitting at the far right on the Record shot, in the black long sleeves. I’m liking that one. Does it look difficult? I also love that big A-Frame jacket on the Vintage Suits, classic. :smiley:

I have a collection of WorkBaskets, some my Mom gave me that she worked out of (they have our address on them from when I was just a kidlet!) and some I bought at an antique show for 1.50 for a years worth, what a steal! I got three years, and I kicked myself all the way home, because the lady said she had more that she didn’t bring, and I didn’t get her address. :frowning: Selfish little vintage piglet that I am.

I’m thinking about doing a 1946 Vest and Knicker set (snicker) I found at SandraSingh…

I love the Hero ad, it would look neat framed and hanging in a craft room!

I’ll get those patterns scanned for my friend! Send me a PM and let me know your email address so I can send the scans of the patterns.

Like you, I have lots of Workbasket magazines. TONS of them. (Probably like 200 copies…I’m not exaggerating.)

One of these days, I’ll look through my Workbasket set and see what duplicates I can find. Maybe I’ll “make you an offer you can’t refuse”! :lol:

I LOVE that vest and knickers pattern! I have it saved on my computer for a “future knitting project”, because I don’t have enough skill yet to tackle it!

FYI. I just put up some vintage ads on my Flickr page.

Beer, cigarettes, some of them are so funny! :smiley: