Vintage Fabric

Along with knitting and crocheting, I have made quilts…I especially love “feed sack” fabric…Due to a recent lost (my neighbor) I am going thru a “lack of inspiration”" therefore, de-stashing…I have around 200 (pre-cut) 4x4 feed sack squares…Also vintage yardage…For sale only…need nothing right now…Thanks Cheley

I might be interested in the yardage- any pics? general prices?

What are you looking for? Calico’s, geometrics etc…I’ll send pics tell me what your looking for…Cheley

LOL- I love em all- but how about calico and/or stripes? flowers or small prints are good too…

I am thinking that “stripes” aren’t vintage…but I do have lots of flowers and calico’s…Are you looking for “yardage” or pieces? Let me know

cheley, I PM’d you about the feed sack fabric, but you must not have gotten it, or it is already gone.
If you still have it, can I ask if it is reproduction or the real thing. I would be interested in it.


I was looking for yardage- if it isn’t already gone! :wink:

mare-nitt, just pm’d you…and nope nothing is gone yet. need to know (marykz) what your looking for …Thanks Cheley