Vintage DPN's

Up for sale…

size 4- 10" green plastic, 4 needles
size 7- 10" red plastic, 4 needles
size 00- 9" metal, 8 needles
size 3- 7" metal, 4 needles GONE
size 2- 7" white plastic 4 needles GONE

Make me an offer…these came in an ebay auction of vintage needles. I do Magic Loop, so no need for the DPN’s.

Paypal please!

Want to swap for a children’s hat/scarf book??? I Would want 3’s and 2’s Also, vintage is all I use and have…thanks to my wonderful “mentor”/neighbor who got me started…anyway she gave me this really old circ…it’s probably size 4 US, yellow, made of a very non-stretchable material…I can’t even unroll to measure it!!! Have any ideas what year that was from? It’s really cute though :shrug: Let me know Thanks Cheley

What book is it?
And I should have included in the above post that the white plastic ones are slightly bent from use. Of course, that doesnt change how they work, but may change how you feel about them. The size 3’s are pink aluminum, Sears brand which I think was made by Boye.

The book is “Family Accesories” by Leisure Arts, I won it as a door prize, never used the patterns (a little more advanced for me)…The price on it is $10.95…Do you know have any idea about the circ I mentioned? Thanks Cheley

Is the cable nylon or metal? That would help date it.

That book sounds fine. PM me your address. (Does the book have a jester and stocking cap on the cover?)

The needle is cable, but very strong (won’t bend) one continuous peice…Book has 5 pictures on the front 4 of kids modeling hats and a man modeling a hat… I’ll send you my address…Thanks Cheley

I am interested in the size 7 's but have no idea what they are worth so no clue what to offer :shrug: