Vintage bathing suit pattern!

i am trying to get a jumpstart on the summer and would like to knit a bikini like the two shown below. I am having a VERY hard time finding knitting patterns for bikinis like these or these exact patterns. i am okay with even combining two different patterns for the bottom and top if i can find styles similar to these…can anyone help me???

oops…forgot to put the picture in

Here are a couple you might be able to adapt for what you want:,2025,DIY_14141_3537535,00.html (Scroll down–it’s the second one)

Great, now I’m ‘vintage’! :wink:

Thank you SO much!!! I think I’m gonna use the last pattern…i will definitely post my final project:)

Is there a good place online for vintage patterns of all kinds or do I have to raid my godmother’s bookshelf? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are a few sites with free patterns: (The 20th century vintage patterns are toward the bottom of the page).

This site sells collections of vintage knitting pattern booklets:

You could also try searching “vintage knitting patterns” on eBay. But I’d take a look at your godmother’s patterns too. Maybe you’ll find some good stuff there!

Have you seen the bikini pattern in the book “Greetings from Knit Cafe?” Here’s a link to ravelry to look at it if you’re on ravelry…

It’s pretty close to what you’re looking for and I’m sure you might find the book at your library.

If you make it let me know how it turns out. I’ve been dying to knit this for a while!

Has anyone actually made and worn a knitted or crocheted swimswuit? I made one for my neice when she was a toddler and it was adorable, everyone snapped pics of her and raved about it, as soon as it hit the pool it became larger and fell off her bottom. Thank goodness she was a kid and not grown. Is there something I could have done or used differently? I used a simple cotton yarn. I love the look of them.

There is also a pattern for a bikini in Stitch N’ Bitch and Suss Cousin’s book “Hollywood Knits”. You might be able to find those books at your library.

That’s why I’d be afraid to wear a knitted swimsuit! :blush:

There is a pattern for a swimsuit in Knitty, and it specifically says that it’s for wearing poolside only, not to swim in.

I am old enough to remember wearing knitted WOOLLEN swimming togs as a very young child, probably up to the age of about 4. They stretched and sagged and were very heavy when wet. I suspect knitted or crocheted bikini are more for lying on the beach looking decorative in!

Downloaded a couple of those patterns. So cool! Thanks for the links!

So, I guess you have to remove them before you swim. I guess that could work. :roflhard:


Isn’t that Cheryl Ladd?

I made the one in Stitch-n-Bitch for my niece…(she was 5 at the time) It was quite fun to do (as I had to obviously make it smaller than the pattern) and I would just like to add that I do recall wearing "Knitted/Crochet B/Suits in the '70’s…if you consider that "vintage:thumbsup: it kinda looks like the middle one in your pic… " ooops, think I just gave away my age:doh:

I was thinking the same thing. I looked at the pic and said “Charlie’s Angels is VINTAGE?” :roflhard: Oi Vai!!!

It certainly looks like her and the one on the left kinda looks like Kate Jackson (Sabrina in Charlies Angels)

I would think you could use a cotton lycra blend and that would help a lot. Plus it would help the suit dry faster. I would knit a swatch, get it wet then see what happens to the size.