Vine shawl pattern

So, this book series I’m reading has these characters that wear shawls fringed with a certain color for their group. The shawls usually have vines of some sort on them, and then the fringe. I’m trying to find a viney looking pattern, I’ve found this one: which I quite like, but I’m not sure how to manage the triangle shape of the shawl (these are triangle shape) or expand it to a larger scale while increasing and decreasing gradually. I thought about only having the vine on the ends, not the whole thing, but then I think it would look better for the whole shawl to have that pattern. Any help would be much appreciated!! If you can help me mangle the above pattern to the shawl shape, I would love you forever, or if you know of a better vine looking pattern that would work with the shawl, that would be fantastic too!!! :slight_smile: preemptive thanks :smiley:

If you know how to contsruct a triangular shawl, it shouldn’t be too hard. Bottom up, cast on 3-5 sts and knit a couple rows. Do the edge sts yo, knit yo edge sts on the RS rows until you have enough sts for the lace pattern. Use markers just before and after the pattern so you know when you’ve increased to enough sts for another repeat, keep the new ones in stockinette until then. Same thing if you wanted to make it top down - CO about 5-7 sts, do the edge sts YO knit to center st, yo K1 yo k to end yo and edge sts. Work in st st until you have enough for the lace pattern, keep the new sts in stockinette.

to be honest, i’ve never made a shawl. I’ve mostly done scarves and hot pads and dishtowels and stuff. most of my yarn overs are to make eyelets, not increase stitches, but i think that with what you just said, and if i understand that vine pattern a little better (i’ll prolly make a little swatch) i should be able to pull it off. thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Find some basic triangle patterns to see how they’re constructed, do a sample for about 5" or so with some leftover yarn in plain stockinette so you understand how they work. Here’s a few articles that can also help with the basics -
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Designing Lace Shawls
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Inserting lace into triangles

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