Viking cables

Hey there,

I was just wondering if anyone else has had trouble doing the Elsebeth Lavold viking patterns without a cable needle? I seem to get the purl stitches in the wrong place on some of them, and I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong… do I really need to go back to using a cable needle? The stitches are where two knit stitches are crossed over two purl stitches to the right or left. It’s only some of them I’m getting screwed up, but they’re in the same places on the pattern repeats so I’m not sure what’s going on cry

Fi xxx

I find I have trouble with some knit/purl cables without a cable needle, especially when the purls are in the back–which they always are. I feel like they want to shrink away. So I stick a needle in them and feel secure.:teehee:

I don’t feel that cable needles are such a pain that I have to cable without them. I actually like having them there, it makes me feel more secure.