Videos won't play on website

:shrug: I can’t play the videos anymore…I used to come here months back and now I can’t get the videos to play…please help.

I seem to recall that Amy had swapped most of her videos to Flash, so you might update your flash add in first, should be able to find it here

Thanks so much for the link but it still doesn’t work…when I click on the link the player pops up but when I hit play nothing… :wall: it’s really frustrating…I wonder why???

There have been problems off and on with the videos. They are working on upgrading them now. ARe you looking for a specific video? There’s some here, too.
Knitting at Noon Videos

I have never been able to use the videos here :wall: . Well, I’ve tried on and off for about 6 months and they don’t work for me. I’ve downloaded all the latest updates for video software and tried on both Firefox and IE. Whenever I try, it never plays and freezes up my browser so I have to shut it down. I don’t have problems with any other videos that I’ve noticed, just here. :??

I tried it today from my workplace and they all worked…something is wrong then with my configuration I guess…I’ll have to check out the other site then…thanks again :muah: