Video resize UPDATE with video

I took a video of my DD cat playing with a dishcloth and I need to resize it in order to share. I tried Windows Movie Maker and it won’t even view the video because it’s AVI. I downloaded another program called EZV and it was great if you need to capture a screen from the video, but won’t resize. Anyone know of anything and preferably free?


Look for WinAVI Video converter and then you should be able to use Windows Movie Maker

You could probably use VirtualDub It’s free and works pretty well.

I couldn’t figure out the WinAVI converter, but the VirtualDub worked great! I’ll share the video when it’s done uploading!

Thanks to both of you for helping!

Okay here’s the video! Now, if I could just embed it… :think:

:cheering: I’m glad I could help Jan! I didn’t get a Ph.D. in image processing for nothing it seems. :teehee:

What a cute little kitty! I wonder if he loves that dishcloth enough to help you with dishes… :lol:

Sorry, the WinAvi confused you. Cute video though :slight_smile:

that is so funny!!! silly kitty- that cat knows a good thing when she sees it! I’m glad you got it working!

Toooooooooo funny :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: