Video of my new cockatiel

He thinks he is a pretty bird.

AWWW!!! He IS a pretty bird, and clever! :yay:

how sweet!!

I love those birds, I had one about 20 years ago and watching your video makes me want to get another one again!

He’s so cute! Looks just like my Elvis. He could say hiya cutie, pretty bird, step up, and do the wolf whistle.

When I played the video our new dog started barking at the computer. He’s such a retard.

How sweet! I have a cockatiel named Maggie. I didn’t know he was a boy when I named him 13 years ago. He loves me like crazy but not the rest of the family.

He says "Hello, what are you doing? and calls the dog: “Lili, Lili!” and chatters to himself and wolf whistles.

Yesterday was almost his last. I had him on my hand and the next thing I knew my rat terrier jumped up and there was a cloud of feathers. Luckily the dog had grabbed at the bird’s tail and that’s all he got – a mouthful of tail feathers!

I have to be more careful from now on. Luckily there is a reflex where all the tail feathers will come out to keep them from being eaten by a predator. I unfortunately learned that the hard way when I leaned on his tail and all his feathers came out at once. He waddled around looking like a grey penguin until they grew back!

Enjoy your bird – they are a blast.


That just gave me such a smile, I love pets!:muah: Thank you so much for sharing!

Such a sweet bird. We have a white Cockatiel. No, not a yellow one, this is a pure white albino. I’d never seen one before.