? video for garter stitch mattress seaming

Is there a video tutorial for garter stitch mattress seaming? I have books and have read how to do this–but, for some reason, I have trouble with it. I can handle mattress stitch for stockinette knitting, but I need a video for garter mattress stitch seaming. Does anyone know of one? I’ve heard it is very simple, but I need something I can look at over and over til I get it.



I don’t know of a video, but to mattress with garter, you go up through the lower half of the purl on one side and then through the upper loop of the purl on the other side. It works pretty well.

Ok–then do you pull your yarn like you do with stockinette stitch to close the seam? Is this the same as edge to edge seaming?


Yes, you do pull you yarn as you do with stockinette and it will close the seam beautifully. It’s not like edge to edge, because it does leave a seam on the inside the way stockinette mattress stitch does.


If you scroll down, there are pics in this article.:thumbsup:

There’s a video in the Advanced section right here at KH, it’s listed under Finishing. I hope this helps.