Victorian Lace Shawl/Poncho

I have already tried to make this shawl but it didn’t turn out at all.

I am confused by the instructions. It is a triangular shawl so you increase everyother row at the beg, end, and two more times at the increase marker in the middle. It then says that you will keep the increases in a queue to be knitted when there are enough sts to do another section of the patter (ex. 6 for english mesh).

My question is do I need to do that only in the middle by the increase marker, or do I need to do it at the beg, end, and in the middle? I don’t see how you couldn’t do that and keep the patter without making a section at the beg and end that slowly creates the another pattern section like in the Chale Shetsoie patter.

Thanks, and here is the link for Chale Shetsoie:

And I couldn’t find the link so the Victorian Lace Shawl pattern is below.

Knit across in the lace pattern until you are approaching an increase marker. When you get to a point where you do not have enough sts left for one more repeat of the stitch pattern, place another marker. All the sts between here and the increase marker are in queue, to be knitted plain, except for the last one, which will be an increase (K front and back into that st).

…Now count how many sts between the queue marker and the increase marker. Begin knitting after the increase marker with a K into front and back of stitch, then knit plain until you have that same amount of sts as were in queue before the increase marker. Place a marker.
When you have increased enough times so that the stitches in queue equal another repeat of the stitch pattern, remove the extra markers and knit the sts in pattern. Repeat this cycle.

CO 24 sts, knit across. Divide into halves: K12, place center-back increase marker, K12. Work back and forth in English Mesh Lace until end of first ball of yarn. Work all odd-numbered rows as inc rows: Knit into front and back of stitches at beginning and end of row, and before & after center-back increase marker.**

** The first time you do this, you will need to place a marker, different color or style from the increase markers, to designate this new increased stitch as one that is waiting in queue and not part of the lace pattern just yet. When this queue area has grown to 6 sts, the amount needed for another repeat of the stitch pattern, then you can remove this marker and incorporate these stitches into the lace pattern. This cycle will repeat itself every 16 rows, because English mesh is an 8-row pattern and every second row is an increase row.
Continue increasing 4 sts EOR throughout the shawl – 1 st at each end, and 1 st on either side of the center-back. This creates the shape of a large triangle made of two triangles knit apex-to-base (and joined at their sides to form the center-back of the shawl).

You should edit your post to take out the whole pattern - it’s not a good idea to post the whole thing. When there’s a few rows you’re having trouble with, then it’s OK to type out those.

To answer your question, I’ve limited shawl experience with shawls, - but if your pattern repeat is 6, then each time you get a group of 6 stitches at either end and on either side of the center, then you should incorporate the pattern into them.

YOu need to track you increases stiches at the beginning and end of each lace section, so beginning, near side of middle, far side of middle and end.

Use the english mesh that was on ravelry as a correction - the instructions in the original pattern produce something virtually no one is satiisfied with.

This is a lovely design for which the pattern drives people up the wall. There is a yahoo group for it.

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Thank you :hug:

I’m having some difficulty with the English Mesh Lace Chart

Hopefully someone can save me !

Hi all…I’ve been trying to make the Victorian Lace Poncho pattern, but am having difficulty with the English Mesh chart…I get to row 5 and move my Lace Markers ahead (behind as I am purling because it’s not joined in the round yet) but from then on, I get stuck :frowning:

English Mesh Lace (Multiple of 6) A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker, page 193
R1 (and all odd rnds): knit (When knitting back & forth in rows, odds will be WS rows and should be purled)
R2: *yo, ssk, K1, K2tog, yo, K1, rep.
R4: * yo, K1, sl1-K2tog-psso, K1, yo, K1, rep.
[B]R6: * K2tog, yo, K1, yo, ssk, K1, rep.[/B]
R8: * (K1, yo)x2, K1, sl1-K2tog-psso, rep. to last 5, end: (K1, yo)x2, K1,ssk.

Chart can be found here:

In row 6, i start okay with the first 6 stitches, but when I go to do the repeat of the pattern, the increased stitches are sorta in the way lol (I’m supposed to knit these until there are enough for another pattern, i think) Can anyone help me or direct me? It isn’t the easiest pattern to understand, and I like to think I’m an experienced lace knitter.

Sorry, the pattern can be found here:

Just as you say, the increased sts are in the way. Work them as plain knits or purls depending on whether you are on the right side or wrong side row. For the English Mesh Lace, when you have 6 sts between the markers at the increase, you can incorporate another pattern repeat. (There’s a note about this at the end of the pattern descriptions and foundation row.)

Thank you for your reply. Am I doing the pattern correctly then? If I knit it how I believe it should be Row 6 would be:

k2tog, yo, sk2p, yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k1, then knit the increase stitches on other side of the increase markers, and then back to the pattern?

What I see in the pattern and in your earlier post for row 6 is:
R6: * K2tog, yo, K1, yo, ssk, K1, rep.

I’m sorry, you’re correct…this has me banging my head against the wall!!!

What I should have written row 6 to be:

*k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k1, then i have my increases on either side of the increase markers. do i just knit these, and then continue on the other side of them with the pattern k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k1 etc going from the chart?

In a word, yes. When the increases between the markers are enough for a full pattern repeat, then you can incorporate that pattern repeat. Until then, knit those sts.
I’d love to see your picture of the finished work.

Thank you so much…hopefully there will be no more trouble on the horizon for me…don’t think my head can take another banging :smiley:

Will definitely post a pic. :slight_smile: Thanks again for your help