Victoria Secret Sweater and Pattern

This vic secret sweater:

Looks like this cable luxe tunic from lion:

Looks good in red, too.

Just an observation! :angelgrin:


Yep, and it also looks like the Pringle sweater and quite a few people came up with their own versions of it from pictures.

Those cow floppity weasels
I am glad the pattern is free so we can give it to knitters accross the globe
sorry, that store annoys me
even when I wore a size 12, I never fit into anything they sold

HOw funny that they are exactly alike! It’s a cute sweater.

Yes, it is very similar. The horizontal cable band seems to have become a very popular technique.

PS. Anyone who likes the sweater on Lion Brand should download it soon since the freebie status of the pattern expires on Nov. 27th (it is the current Lion Brand Knitalong pattern).

Very similar - the neck lines are a bit different and the one sweater is cabled while the other has braids.

Either way - I can’t wear it - my girls are big and I really don’t need to make them look bigger with a horizontal cable, they gather enough attention on their own. I do like the sleeves and the rest of the sweater.

If anyone knits one up - post a picture. I would love to see how it turned out.

Wow!! I can’t believe how similar they are!! But, I have to admit to being kind of glad that I saw it knit up - my girls are biggish too, and I didn’t realize that part was going to go right across them…I don’t know why I didn’t, I guess i just didn’t think it through that far! I was thinking about knitting it for myself, but now I know if I want to make it, then I should make it as a gift! Thank you so much for posting the two pics together!!!

It doesn’t surprise me. I am thankful clothing doesn’t have copyrights. I wouldn’t be able to stay fashionable if I had to buy the designer labels to put together a similar outfit. I love those shows where they take a pic of a celebrity and do a more affordable knock-off of their outfit with pieces from Target, Old Navy, Gap and so on. Make me feel like I too can have good fashion without the high dollar ticket price.

That sweater does look very similar. I guess the neck line is a little different.

Thanks for the link though. I saved it. Very pretty and I think I would make it in red!

The pattern is only free until Thursday, so you might want to save it whole or print it out.

Looks like the same sweater to me. Very pretty.