Victoria Knitted Bag

I love this purse and want to make it. Although when I looked up the Phildar yarn I came across sites from overseas. I’m not sure I’d be able to locate the yarn in the states and I’m wondering what yarn (s) would be a good substitute. Can anyone help me? I’m quite a novice and am not too familiar with different yarns or how to shop for yarn.


Looks like it is about 51% wool, 49% acrylic blend, so look for something that will give you a similar gauge, the pattern says 16 stitches over 10 cm/(about 4 inches) with a 4.5 mm (about US size 7).

Something like Plymouth Encore worsted or possibly Encore Chunky might work. Since it’s a bag and not a sweater, gauge wouldn’t be THAT critical. Encore worsted gauge is 22 st/size 8, Encore chunky is 14 st/size 10, so going down to a size 7 needle would probably get you pretty close to 16 sts.

Thank you so much!

Wool-Ease Chunky might work too, if that is easier for you to find locally.

I’d look at yarn content and guage, and find something similar…


I saw that also and thought it was a nice pattern. I see in the picture that it is knitted with beads, does anyone know how you would go about positioning them correctly on it, the pattern doesn’t mention beads at all.

luv2knit- She has a blog… From the sounds of it the beads were hand sewn on.

Thanks! She has a nice website!

I just ordered my yarn! I ordered from knitpicks. I’m not sure on the guage so I’ll have to play around with it when I get it.

I’ve decided to go with a coral main color and a cream top. I’ll have to go to hobby lobby and get the rest of the materials.

Just wanted to thank you Lucy Fan for posting this pattern. I grabbed an odd remnent of leftover acrylic ‘torquise’ that was laying around, (I think I picked it up at a second hand store ages ago) My Addie 1s and went to town several days ago.
I love the diamond pattern.
Of course my ‘bag’ is not to size, but I don’t mind. I cast off my first side in black picot (knitted) rather than crochet that the pattern calls for, and I have to say that
I’m in love with the little thing!


I’m so glad Indian Princess! I’m just waiting for my yarn to get here to start. It should be here soon. :happydance:

I should learn to check my mail more often. The yarn was sitting in there, it must have come yesterday! I’ve gotten about 16 rows done so far. I’m really enjoying it. I have to learn how to picot soon. I have no idea how to do that.

Here’s what I have so far.

That looks SO neat. I think I’ll have to try my hand at it. What weight of yarn did you order from KP?

knittinmitchie, I wound up buying the shine worsted from KP.

Here’s what mine turned out like.

I was very close to running out of yarn so I made a different sort of handle, and my own ‘button’. I also made the gusset one piece versus three different parts. I’m not going to line it either. I like looking at the inside pattern.

Thanks again for posting the link. I’ll be adding some more photo’s to my blog shortly.

I have no words! I love that pattern. You have made me start yet another project…but oh does it look fab!!! :heart:
Sorry, I have no other comment! :oops:

Cool I like that. I might just get the yarn so I can knit it on the way to see the inlaws in florida.

Indian Princess, your’s turned out great!! I love it!

Here’s what I have so far. I knit the picot edge too and it was my first time ever doing a picot so I’m not sure I did it correctly. :shrug:

I want to attempt this pattern- but I have only been knitting about 2 weeks (I have that grandmothers fave dishcloth mastered, lol).

I don’t want to do the picot edge though, I want to add my tatting. Think that will work out okay? And think I can handle it at all?