Victoria & Albert Museum Knitting Collection

Since I’ve been sick for a few days (cold and back out) I’ve been rereading old magazines and noticed this site. Maybe it was posted here before but there are some really! interesting things to look at. A nice free pattern for an alpaca vest from Rowan. Free 1940 patterns. Check out Freddie Robins (a designer). At her website there are the most unusual things she knitted. Wow. (a glove where each finger ends in another little mini glove) !

Hey Viki, Sorry to hear you’re still under the weather! We’ve got a balmy 18 degrees up here in the Catskills and light snow…you’re not missing much!

Today’s my birthday! I spent the weekend down in Virginia with my daughter and granddaughter and was looking at a baby blanket someone knitted for Milena and started thinking of you.

I still haven’t gotten back any of my yarn from the mill yet and it’s driving me crazy! I do have some yarn from my friend Dan’s alpacas though and he’s got some pretty neat colors. I hope to consign it through the new shop in Margaretville.

Hope you’re feeling better soon, email when you can. :hug:


ps…have you seen our new website?

Did I already ask you that?? :doh:


:balloons: :balloons: :blooby: :muah: :heart: :present:

(I won’t ask how old, you can tell me over onion soup)

I’m slowly getting better. Have some great new things to show you. I want some more of your beautiful yarn when you get it in.
Your new website is gorgeous. I love it. I love looking at each animal, I just sit there and study them for a while.

See you soon I hope. Vic!

What a great site! I noticed that when you click on Knitting Videos on the V&A site it links to here! Pretty cool Amy.

Hi Viki, Thanks for the good wishes. (60!!! :doh: :happydance: )

I’m dealing with a “3 yr. old VA rhinovirus”… :verysad: the cold’s not 3 year’s old…I was around a bunch of 3 year olds in VA at my granddaughter’s! :lol: I’m not used to being sick, but I guess I’m more susceptible cause I spend so much time away from germs!!! :happydance:

Anyhow, I got a message from Teri in Michigan who just received her box of my alpaca fiber for needle felting and she’s ecstatic! I’m hoping she’ll make me little alpacas!

Onion soup…hmmmmm! Had some at the Binnekill the other night and it was yummy! :slight_smile:

I do have some of my friend’s alpaca yarn. I’m taking it down to Liza in Margaretville today for consignment. She’s the one opening the new store across from The Village Homemaker.

I see you’ve also emailed me so, I’ll answer you there too…I sent that knitting link to my friend Lucie, who you’ve just got to meet some day!!!..stay warm!