If anyone has Victoise’s phone number or an alternate email, please pass this on to her! She’s currently locked out of KH, and her new email isn’t working, so I can’t tell her how to get back in! :shock:

Hi Victoise,
You’re new email address isn’t working, it bounced back! Furthermore, I’ve already re-assigned your password, and I can’t change it back, because I don’t know your previous password. So, your only hope for “getting back in” is to read this post! :pray:

I’m re-assigning you a password that I can post here without it being obvious to people who don’t know you. Your password is your last name, as it appeared in the email you sent me. (It is Capatilized, remember that a password is case-sensitive!) You can change it, once you’ve logged in.

I hope you see this, so you can get back in!
:heart: Amy

Hi Amy

Will do.


Thanks Limey!!

ETA: Please tell Victoise to post here, so we know she got back in!

Bumping this up for ya! :hug:

OH WOW! I felt like I was in prison or something.

Oh my! Amy, so sweet of you… I don’t know what the heck happened. I changed my email address and then after I changed
it here it wouldn’t take. Then I was desperate ha and the next day I created a new account so I got in with that. But!
I want all my old stuff back, like when I joined and well,
just that I guess coz I can redo the other stuff.

I’m using a different password than what you gave me and that’s working (the new account) Oh toooo confusing.

I wasn’t bad really! So glad I saw this first thing this morning.

Oh boo hoo, now it says I joined Dec 6 and I was like way back there two years ago when I joined. oh geez shoot

Whew, all is back to normal. Felt like when I was little and gettin’ in trouble.
Happy Holidays! :hug:

YAY!! Glad to have you back in Victoise!! :muah: