Vet my new knitting blog?

I’m having the same problem. But, will check again later.

Drat. Well, could be one of two things: one, Siteground, where this is hosted, often has little outages and you guys may be hitting one; or two, I’ve noticed a LOT of people from a LOT of different places around the world saying recently that they’re having problems with their connections in very small ways, which sounds like another security attack problem (again).

Thanks for checking again though – I think I’ve figured out how to do this, involving greyscale PNGs…

As something of a geek, for me it’s just automatic to hit ctrl+ to enlarge text as I need. I don’t even think about it.

I think it’s a very nice looking site and I also especially like the image you used for the header.

I’m of Irish descent myself, last name is Mullins (I know, that’s like Smith here :rofl:) and some day will visit over there to look up distant relatives.

I’ve bookmarked your site and will try to visit when I can.

.png files can be pesky buggers (I think that’s what the “p” stands for :rofl:). If you haven’t already, give the free image editing program The Gimp a try. It’s all I use and I find it very helpful. Of course it comes from the Linux community but there is a Windoze version.

Always have to be different, don’cha, Mason?! :wink:

Yeah, the geek partner has mentioned Gimp too, Mason – the problem is that my copy of Photoshop is SO old that I don’t think some of this stuff is on there in any kind of automatic way. (It’s been a long time, in terms of computer years) since web design was my business.)

I’m trying to keep this old Macbook from dying as long as possible, but when it does, I’m going to also pop for all new versions of all my programs. He’s got a new version of PS, but I can hardly go borrowing his laptop every time I need to do a new graphic…so I may well try Gimp out.

Hi Zina!

I also want to comment on your generosity of spirit! You have created a wonderful knitting blog, and I know it takes hours and hours of effort and time to do so!

Thank you, Zina! It is a beautiful thing! Very informational, well thought-out, and makes sense, too!

Things like font and colors are small things in comparison to CONTENT! In the end, a perfectly beautiful website with nothing to say is really just nothing! Your website is beautiful, relevant and informational!

Kudos, kiddo! Kudos! :thumbsup:

Aw, thanks, D! I’ll be relieved when I get the writing done on the design primer, though. That’s going to be a slog to get through! :slight_smile:

Oh-oh…I found another “toy” on your blog…it’s the Random Stripe Maker. Thanks! Had a good time with that. Your blog rocks!

I know, it’s really very difficult for me to actually get anything done these days…I tend to think, “oh, I just need something for the blog” and then end up playing with whatever it is for [I]hours[/I]…

Tinkered around with a few of the TOYS on your blog, Z!
Fun! Took the ‘color/hue’ test! Meh. I scored 24.

The first time you posted the link it ended it .net, the second time you posted it, it ended .com so I think that is the cause of the confusion of it working for some and not for others.

Oooh, thanks, Lucy! I really need to watch that – it’s supposed to work anyway (I have both .com and .net), but, well…

24 isn’t actually that bad, D. It’s still in the upper 3rd percentile. :slight_smile:

Ummmm…so…I’ve re-designed the blog. :slight_smile: Yes, after all that.

I was starting to chafe at the limitations of the in-order-of-post-date nature of the blog: things I really wanted people to see (like the interview with Beata of Hedgehog Fibres) were getting lost as the blizzard of posts on technique and tools and personal thoughts piled on. I did a star rating to see what people wanted to read, and the techniques and tools were top rated, but unless someone clicked on the category archives, it was almost impossible to keep up, as I’m trying to post at least once a day.

So I’ve brought the category list down to five or six, and gone to a magazine format so the blog can feature the posts in the different categories for a bit longer. I’m going to do three spotlight interviews with different dyers, spinners, designers, and knitters at a time, and leave them each up for at least two weeks each so each person gets a good long time in the spotlight.

And hey, the background is white. :slight_smile:

I’m still coping with some of the fallout of the transfer (many comments just dropped off the face of the earth, and I’m having to re-input every single one of the pictures, aargh), but it’s up enough to get the idea, I think.

If you all have the strength to do it all again, I’d love some feedback, because it really helped me last time. Promise I won’t be re-designing again soon - I am and will be making plenty of little tweaks, but this is it for quite some time! (Unless you guys really really hate it. :slight_smile: )

P.S. If anyone has any thoughts about using a mobile version of the site, I would REALLY like feedback on that. I would probably go to a completely text regular-blog format for that. I’m wondering if mobile users would prefer a re-direct to a mobile site or whether I should simply provide a link for the mobile version on the main site so people can bookmark it if they want or use the main site (which is far too wide in the magazine spread version for most mobiles to use easily) if they prefer it.

MUCH LOVE for the new look and layout!!!

And I wouldn’t need a mobile version.

Bless you, D! :slight_smile:

I think it look WAY better now!

Oh good, thanks Lucy!

Wow - looks like I’ve missed a lot. :slight_smile: I liked it better the other way :mrgreen: . But still nice work!! :thumbsup: Is anyone else getting a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom? If so, you may want to shrink the width of the site. :wink: … or perhaps it’s the width of the header that’s making the horizontal scrollbar? Just thinking out loud…

I liked it better the other way

LOL – aargh, now you tell me. :slight_smile:

Is anyone else getting a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom?

No one’s mentioned it, she said, crossing her fingers. Unfortunately, to go with a magazine layout, I had to go wide…so I am just hoping the majority of people will have a fairly widescale monitor…

Slan Zina,

Been off line for a couple of weeks after a board blew in my PC. Have just had a look at your site and I really like it. I love you showing the world how beautiful our home is just on a day to day basis. Forget how it all looks, I find it very readable. Very often when reading a blog I get half way through and lose interest - but not with yours.

Nice work! Irishmam