Vet my new knitting blog?

Hey guys: so, I’ve finally gotten around to starting up a knitting blog. It’s slanted mainly to knitwear designers, as that’s something I want to start doing, but I hope it might interest others who knit or crochet as well.

If anybody has any time, would you be willing to go by the thing and give me some feedback (any and all opinions gratefully accepted) on whether it’s readable graphically, the design of the thing, whether you think it’s interesting at all, all that stuff? I think I’ve been looking at it for so long I can’t actually see it anymore…:aww:

There’s still a few things broken (the text of the menu buttons up top that slop over the edge of the buttons, for instance, as you drill down), I know…must get geek partner to help me with the CSS on that…

Thanks in advance for helping me out!

:yay: :thumbsup: I really like your blog. I love the giant ball of yarn on the rocks. I hope to one day visit Ireland and see where my ancestors lived. I am a Rose- the 5th one down the line -named fer the great great great grandmother, grandmother, mother, then me, and my GD.

I personally know nothing about starting a blog. I like the variety of information and topica and I like the articles. You are my first and only Blog on my favorites now.

I love the giant ball of yarn on the rocks.

Heeheee. Wasn’t that funny? I don’t know exactly what happened with my camera there, but the focus was out on the bay enough that it made the ball of yarn on the stone wall directly in front of me look humongous. Never had that happen before. That’s Dingle Bay, by the way, which is a lovely place.

:cheering: I like your blog, too! And the big ball of yarn! Well done!

Well, I just had to go check out the big ball of yarn - that really is a great picture!

The blog seems well organized and attractive - Good Job!

Hi Zina! :hug:

Very nice! I didn’t have the time to read everything, but since you asked for some input, here is one thing that stands out to me:
the ‘font’ is too small and too light for the intensity of background color. Either lighten the background, or enlarge and darken the font.

That’s all for now!

Good luck with your blog! I’ll be checking back!

Hey Zina…

I just visted your blog and it looks great!!! :yay: :thumbsup: I hope it goes well for you and you have fun with it. :hug:

Zina! Great blog! I learned some things there, and think I have a new addiction…spinning the color wheel. What a great reference!

I like your blog - you have some great resources there!! I’ve bookmarked it :slight_smile: I do agree with Art Lady though - a bigger or darker font or lighter page background would make it a tad easier to read. Great job all in all! :thumbsup:

Nice work so far!!! And I love that header. I also agree with Artlady. Maybe just making the font bigger will be the “right” answer. Also, when you fix the text issue in the navigation, you may want to also consider making the boxes in the drop-down navigation the same width. I think it will give it a cleaner look. :wink:

Other than that, I think the look is great!! :yay: :yay:

One other thing too. It looks like you’re embedding images from other sites. For example in the Yarn Harlot post, it looks like you embedded the image (which is dead) from You really shouldn’t be doing it that way because it constitutes bandwidth theft. (Of course this is assuming that 1. Yarn Harlot didn’t give you permission and 2. You’re not Yarn Harlot :slight_smile: ). You’re using her server & bandwidth allowance to display an image on your site. Yarn Harlot is essentially paying to display the image on your site. I think it’s better developer etiquette to save the image to your own server (with permission of course :wink: ) and embed it from there. For example, it looks like you did that in your “Color Fun” post with

I hope you’re not offended. But I just wanted to point that out because bandwidth isn’t free. And when you consider how popular a site is (and visited internationally by millions of people), I imagine bandwidth theft can get expensive. :frowning:

…one more thing … there’s no way to contact you from your site :wink:

You guys rock! Thanks for the compliments and the critiques, especially the critiques, as after a while I have a hard time deciding whether I’m just sick of the sight of the thing or if I need to change it!

CSS is my weak spot. I’ll have to go find the text and change the size, although it might be faster for me simply to lighten up the background. :slight_smile: Once that’s done I’ll come back to you guys and ask if it’s better, if that’s okay.

And I’ll def have to wait for my geek partner to free up some time to tell me how to figure out the button issues (my least fav part of this theme).

Melanie: that color wheelie thing is hilariously addictive! I’ve had to firmly keep myself away from it when I have something I should be doing or I just sit there and am altogether way too entertained by it. :slight_smile:

ekgheiy, you caught me on the graphics – I have to go back and take care of that, I was taking the easy way out due to time constraints, but I’ll go fix that now. :slight_smile:

Nope, not offended at all. I put this out there to get just this sort of input! :slight_smile: Would love to hear anything else anyone has to say, as well!

I’ve been trying to decide about the email thing. New addy just for this? Probably. Then I have to figure out where I want it to go. Email. Curse of the IT classes.

Okay, I’ve made some changes in the text size. If y’all are willing to take another look, would you let me know if that’s better for you? (One thing I’m idly curious about, does anyone ever use their browser to make text larger when you’re out surfing about?)

It looks like the site is down. I keep getting the “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” error. :?? I very rarely use my webrowers’ text sizing option. A lot of times, it throws off the page alignment and brings up the dreaded horizontal scrollbar. Ew! :slight_smile: ehehhehe

Hmmm. It SEEMS to be there…

I know about making the text size larger, but let’s face it…visitors are just not gonna do that for an incidental website with text that’s too small. I think elderly folks might permanently enlarge the text as a general aid in surfing…but not most folks of younger years and good eyesight.

Yeah, it’s funny that the browsers all have the ability to do that with the text, but I’m not sure I’ve ever actually heard of anyone using that ability. Ever. :slight_smile:

So, is the text better now on your monitor, D?

Hi Z!

Yes, I’ve tinkered around with it (text enlargement from browser), but like ekgheiy said, it does other wonky things to the page.

Is it my imagination, but didn’t you lighten up the peachy center panel? Seems a tad lighter! IMHO, it should be lighter again another shade, to ‘crisp up’ the fonts.

Aren’t the fonts a grey? Could you darken them to almost charcoal? Or, perhaps dark navy? Blues and oranges are complementary colors.


Nope, didn’t touch the center panel, though I might now if it’s still not readable to you. The text is set at black, and shows black on my screen, although the links remain at whatever color you’d call that. Hmmm…

Zina, [I]I like your blog![/I]

Everything from the header on down is fun to read, informative, pleasing to the eye.

While I don’t have room for a dress form here, THAT is a great idea.
I’ve added your blog to the small select group I’ll read. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Deb! Keep in mind on the dress form that if you have a bit of space in a closet, you can skip putting the form on a stand and put it on a heavily padded wooden hanger…and then just hang it in a closet out of the way when you’re not using it. :slight_smile: I once had a friend who would keep hers hanging from a hanging plant hook in the corner of a room – her form would regularly scare herself and her friends silly when they came into the room! (She also used to dress it up in various costumes.)

Congrats on your new family member!