I am knitting a vest and I can’t get these instructions right.

Row 1(right side)
P1, (k1tbl, p1) twice, knit to end
Row 2: Purl to last 5 sts., (k1tbl, p1) twice, p1
Repeat rows 1 & 2 until piece measures 12" from cast on edge, ending having worked Row 1.

Wrong side facing, bind off (4) sts. at beginning of row. Decrease 1 st. at armhole edge every other row (5) times.

AT THE SAME TIME: bring 1 more st into Twisted Rib pattern at neck edge every (4) rows (4) times. Note: The front edge st will continue to be purled on every row.

Continue working Etc.

Problem: I can’t seem to work that extra stitch in of the Twisted Rib.
I understand the decreasing, but continuing the Twisted Rib pattern with the extra stitch is not working out.
Please help !!!
Thank You

Your twisted rib is the k1tbl, p1, right?

The first time you bring in a twisted rib stitch, do a k1tbl; the next time,
add a p1.

So after you’ve done the 4 repeats you’ll have

k1tbl the first time
k1tbl, p1 the second time
k1tbl, p1, k1tbl the third time
k1tbl, p1, k1tbl, p1 the fourth time.

Does that make sense with how the pattern looks?