Very visible increases on top-down yoke sweater

Good evening everyone !
My very first sweater is currently being blocked. It’s a top-down circular yoke sweater, “Galane” by Marie-Amélie Designs. I find that the increases (M1) are very visible on the yoke. It doesn’t bother me too much, honestly I’m just very happy I’ve knitted my first sweater, but just for my understanding and learning, why is it so visible? Would a different type of increases be more discrete? Are increases generally it more visible on reverse stockinette? Is it my choice of yarn (100% superwash wool)?

I’ve read somewhere that traditionally circular yoke sweaters were knitted bottom-up because decreases were less visible than increases, but I’ve looked at pictures of other top-down sweaters and the increases were definitely more subtle than on my sweater. !



Your first sweater? Wow, it’s absolutely beautiful.
We’re always so much more critical of our own work than anyone else. Yes, the increases are a bit more visible in the reverse stockinette but no more than you might expect. I see the same thing and it’s also visible on the Ravelry projects. It’s to be expected in the stitch pattern.
Well done all around!


Thanks @salmonmac! Good to know about the reverse stockinette showing increases a bit more.

Beautiful work!
This is my Favourite invisible increase.

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@BeautyNest Very clever increase! Thank you. I got some very helpful feedback here and on my French-speaking forum. I’ll gather everything and add a note on my Ravelry project, so that I can refer to it for future projects. It’s such a pleasure to learn every day a little more!


My pleasure😊