Very very green

I have been trying to teach myself how to knit for over five days. I have purchased books and watched tutorials and i cannot do anything after my cast on. I go to attempt my first stitch and its a disaster. I dont know if my cast on is too tight or if i am not casting on correctly. I dont have time for classes and need some assistance. Please Help!!!

I am very new to knitting as well. Have you tried the free videos section here yet? I found this site and searching on to be the most helpful.

These were great tutorials and are helping me so much. I find myself rewatching some just to ensure I’m still doing the stitches and techniques correctly.

Welcome to Knitting Help! You CAN do this!

Go to the videos linked above for sure! If you find it’s your cast on that is too tight you can cast on over larger needles or two small ones. Remove the second needle for knitting.

If you need more help here’s some more for beginners. :thumbsup:

The Tips page has a video called Demo of a Small Project that shows how to proceed from cast on, to working a few rows to Binding/casting off.

If you can be more specific - what happens when you try to knit the first st? You insert the needle [I]into[/I] that st btw, not between the first and second sts.

Knitting from the cast on row is hard to do for a beginner and always slightly harder than other rows, so be patience with yourself and try to get past that row, then just keep going even if you make some mistakes at first.

Like Sue says, you may need to tell us more about your problem. A picture might help, but I don’t know if you can post pictures right after you join. :shrug: