Very upset

I need some understanding. No one around here really “gets” how terrible this is.

Today, I got home to disaster. I was only gone 15 or so minutes. I really don’t know what happened, except the cats were home alone. Cats who until this I would have said didn’t bother with my knitting stuff, no matter how long I left it lying around on the table. Lots of pics, so you get the full effect. Sorry about that.

If you can believe it, that WAS all one ball. What makes this worse, hard as it is to believe, is that it took me forever to wind it into a ball in the first place. When I was winding, my dd had a fall and I needed to put it down halfway, which made a horrible mess. Now this.

oh dear… that looks like a nightmare!

i hope it unravels back together for you much easier than it looks!

Oh no!! :zombie: I’m sorry, I know that’s frustrating. :hug:

Try to gently move the objects around the yarn so you can wind it back up with minimal disturbance. It may not be possible, but with patience you might be able to save it. Was it expensive yarn?

One other thing… [I]Never, ever[/I] leave yarn around cats. Not only can they make a mess, but if they eat it it can cause a whole lot of problems and worse. My cat also doesn’t touch my knitting, but I don’t trust her so I keep it put up even if only for a few minutes. When my daughter’s cat was sick the first thing the vet asked me was if she could have gotten into yarn or string.

Oh, oh, oh! You poor, poor thing! That’s horrible! I guess the cats are in trouble, huh? The way it’s wrapped around everything! Please try to giggle a little. Maybe that’ll help. A little. I’m so sorry. You have all my sympathy.

Bad kitty! :tap:

Sorry to hear about that. How horribly frustrating for you! I hate ball winding. Are you going to rewind the ball or frog it?


OMG! It looks like someone had a lot of fun! That’s just such an awful mess for you though. I’m sorry!

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry! :hug: Cats can be SUCH buttheads sometimes!

I just realized I didn’t mention that this was LACE-weight yarn. Ugh. There were no wet bits, almost the first thing I checked, so whichever of the cats went at it didn’t chew or eat any. It broke in several places, but not wet.

Funniest thing? The scarf (all 3 inches of “Enchanting”) was still on the needle. Only the end 2 sts had fallen off!

When my kitten was smaller, my knitting always went away, but since they don’t show any interest anymore (well, USUALLY no interest!!!) I’m not as careful. Yeah, that’s gonna change now!!

Was it alpaca yarn? That’s the one my cat loves to drag all over the place if she can get at it. She is so brave that she will try to grab the ball while I am knitting with it.

Wow, I bet kitty had a ball (literally)!

I know it’s a real disaster for you but I just couldn’t help but laugh imagining the cat actually doing all of that.

I think kitty and I would be having a serious talk after something like that.

Hi! :waving:

What a mess! Please believe me when I tell you that I know EXACTLY how you feel. It’s SO frustrating.

At the very least they didn’t frog what you had on the needles!

I know you want to nail their hides to the barn door, but it’s hard to fault them just for being cats. And cats LOVE to “play” with whatever grabs their attention.

I did a whole painting on that very subject, inspired by my cat. It’s called “P’catso’s Masterpiece” I’ll try to attach it here.

Again, so sorry! And good luck with the cleanup!

Ruthie :thud:

I feel your pain! My mom’s dog got hold of a cushion I was making and not only ruined the yarn by covering it in dog spit but also chewed up the needle it was on. Luckily it was cheep novelty yarn but still can’t do much with one knitting needle…

So, you’re not alone! (And she didn’t understand why I was so upset too!) I hope it all works out!

Oh you poor thing! Nasty bad kitty!!! I wonder why, all of a sudden, a knitting attack hit the cat. Good luck getting the mess cleared away and the yarn back into a ball!!!

I’m so sorry…

I’m wondering if kitty got tangled in the ball of yarn somehow and got spooked. I had a cat get tangled in one of those grocery sacks - scared her so bad, she ran all over the house, knocked over books, tables, etc… she finally got behind the dryer - scratched the dryer vent - it was a mess. She still doesn’t like those grocery sacks.

Cats are curious creatures - never know what might strike their fancy.

I hope it isn’t too much trouble for you to untangle and rewind your yarn.

im so sorry they did that. my son went into the drawer i was keeping my current project in and didnt quite close it properly, that was red rag to a bull to my kitty cats, they had the yarn everywhere. its mo hair so going to be imposible to ball up again. brand new skeins down the drain, just as well we love our kitty’s hey :teehee:

Oh my goodness, my heart feels for you… I’ve been there myself, but I still couldn’t help but bust out laughing at all the many ways they managed to get that yarn over, under in and around and in between everything. Talk about thorough.

When this happened with my cats, I too could SWEAR up and down that they never went near my yarn ever. Then I get up the next morning and nearly trip onto my face with my first steps into the living room. They friggin RIGGED a trap! I swear. They had the yarn everywhere like yours did, but right at the door to the living room it somehow was pulled tight enough between my chair and the stool, and it was literally a little yarn wire trap ready and waiting to trip me.

stupid cats. :teehee:

Good luck getting it all back together.

Yes, it was Alpaca Cloud from KnitPicks. Not expensive, but still. He must love the stuff, because I had managed to wind some up, then stopped because it will be impossible to knit with. He went and stole it from the drawer (which I would have sworn he couldn’t even fit a paw into!!) and took off with it again. At least I know which one it is now!

I feel your pain! Bad, Bad, Bad Kitty! This has happened to me several times; Smokey (our cat) loves to sleep on my knitting. I hate to admit it, but I have popped his gray butt*
with my needles so many times that now now,when I get my knitting out, he goes to the office and sleeps by the computer.
*Please don’t report me to PETA, I barely touched him. I love my bamboo needles too much.:yay:

:passedout: wow…

I have to watch my cat with 100% wool…she will carry it off and hide it. She hears me open my yarn closet and comes a runnin’…I had to climb up high to get some yarn and when I got down she was gone…I found her and a couple of yarn balls hid behind my rocking chair :teehee:

Don’t you wish you had a video filming while you were gone? I’m so sorry for your distress, but a video just might have won you a prize on America’s Best Home Video.