Very tall stocking

I finished this last night (after two hours of weaving in ends shudder). I like it, but it is too big for me, I didn’t think at all about sizing when I was making it until I got to about the knee, oh well. The girl who made the pattern is obviously taller then I am, so I’m hoping I can find someone it’ll fit. :slight_smile:

Lovely stocking!

I say hang it up by the fire with care and demand Santa fill it with goodies! I imagine a whole sweaters worth of yarn will fit in there :smiley:

Wow, that is a huge stocking! Looks very good though!!

:smiley: Nice job…very cool :wink:

Looks great!

Another member on this fourm gave me a great piece of advice - spend the last 10 minutes of you knitting time weaving in ends - that way, at the end of the project you don’t have those hours and hours and hours! I did that on my last project and it was so nice to be finished and only have to weave 2 ends in! :wink:

That looks fantastic! :thumbsup:

That’s awesome! I started one of those in different colors but haven’t picked it up in a while. I think I’m only on the fourth stripe! I’m pretty short, so I’m going to shorten mine up a bit.

Very cute! Very tall!


OOOHH - I need to get that pattern from you - my step daughter is wanting to make thigh-highs - all the patterns we are running across are too “Grown up” for her - they are all the fish net looking things - she just wants thigh highs to wear with her skirts - she’s 17 yrs old. Those would be perfect!

I love them! And I have very long legs–send them to me!


wow thats cool! I think I’d die doing the length though lol

Oh gosh, thats cute.

I think you could use this for a scarf also!!! Kinda cute

I [color=red]LOVE[/color] it !!!

OMG - 2 hours of weaving :shock: Whoa … good job!

Love it!

By the way…I’m tallish :wink: